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Task Force Pressure Washer
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Task Force Pressure Washer

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If you have a house, but don’t have an electric pressure washer, chances are good that your house doesn’t look as new and clean as it could. The chances are equally good that you have some things around your house, such as – say, automobiles, that could also stand to be a bit cleaner. Have you ever been told to Power Wash something and wondered what the heck it meant? I sure did, until a former neighbor of mine explained how he made his old, gray-looking fence look new again by using this strange-sounding technique called, Power Washing using an electric pressure washer. I asked him, “What do I need to do to powerwash my own fence? “An Electric Pressure Washer by Task Force” is what my neighbor told me. Task Force Model 2000 is sold for a little under $200 at Lowe’s.

Why you Should Pass on the Task Force Pressure washer

What Exactly Can you Clean with the Task Force Pressure Washer?

The quick answer is, anything. The long answer is, everything as long as you’re careful not to peel the paint or finish from it. A Power Washer really is powerful, especially if you point it up close to the surface you are cleaning. Not only did my fence need a good spiffing up, but maybe a good pressure washer would help me remove that awful Behr Stain from my Driveway, too! The dingy looking cement deck around my swimming pool could sure use a good cleaning too. I decided to give this power washing business a try. Monday just happened to be our wedding anniversary and my wife was listening to the neighbor the Sunday before. When I got home, there was a brand new, Task Force Pressure Washer Model # 2000 PSI Electric in the trunk of her SUV!

Task Force 2000 PSI Pressure Washer

As an Electric Pressure Washer goes, the Task Force 2000 is pretty much standard fare. The 200 Model Task Force  is a 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer. It comes with a hose attachment, a 30 foot electric cord, wand and two sprayer attachment tools. The Task Force Electric Pressure Washer pumps out 1.5 gallons of water per minute at a pressure rating of 2000 PSI. That sounds impressive, but how well would it work on my old, rotten looking fence, wood ties and badly stained driveway?

Does it Really Work?

Electric Pressure Washer Demonstration
Pressure Washer Demonstration

Seeing is believing. Note, the left side of the wood ties which I sprayed off in about 2 minutes with the Pressure Washer? The right side looks green and moldy. The newly pressure-washed left side looks like new! It took me all of about 20 minutes to skim over the instruction manual and find out how to use this electric pressure washer. I hooked it up to my hose, power outlet and extension cord and immediately went to work on the poor looking Behr Stain job on my driveway, with just water and no detergent. Surprisingly, the pointed spray of water began etching the stain off my driveway immediately. To get the pressure needed to remove that stubborn stain, required a close-up, pin-point stream of water. Completely stripping the stain off my 1,200 square foot driveway will be a slow process, but at least I know it works. Also, it is quite possible that using some good power wash detergent will make the job go faster. I decided I would plan for a long day to clean the driveway and went on to the next trial: my fence. This is where the fun began. I held the pressure wand about 10 inches away from the fence and began spraying one slat a time as the old, dark rotting gray disappeared from the surface like magic! It really is a fun and easy process to power wash the fence, and the result is as if I was spray painting it clean. After completing a four foot section of fence, the difference was like night and day. Next, I tried the Task Force on the old, green-tinted wood ties in the back yard. The powerful stream of water got them looking new and clean in no time. I took a quick shot at the pool deck and marveled at how much lighter the original color was supposed to be than the dirt-stained, darkened surface I had become used to. The Task Force pressure washer is plenty powerful enough.

Pressure Washed Pool Deck

Pressure Washed Pool DeckSee the image of the Pool Deck to the right and note how much cleaner the upper half of the photo looks. This is after about 20 seconds of pressure washer cleaning.

The Task Force had already proven to me to be a great anniversary present for both my wife and I. There are a few minor complaints.

Cheap Plastic

Other people have complained about this with other brands of Electric Pressure Washers. The exterior and tools are made from what seems like rather cheap plastic. As if to capitalize on this point, my wife decided she wanted to have some fun too and got a little carried away with the hose and brought the task force 2000 crashing down to the patio on it’s flimsy plastic reel handle which easily broke. She is now in the process of shopping for a replacement handle. The broken handle is no big deal, but it does leave us wondering how long the entire equipment will last. I’m not here to tell you that the Task Force is the Best Electric Pressure Washer you can buy. IN fact, it’s the only one I’ve ever tried, but the results speak for itself. A pressure washer really can make your fence and landscaping look like new again. The Task Force Electric Pressure washer comes with a 2 Year warranty and sells at Lowe’s and other hardware stores for around $189.00. My wife found this unit on sale for $169.00.

Final Conclusion and Summary


Update on the Task Force Pressure Washer Electric Models:  Stay Away from this product. Mine is broken. The quality is horrible. Read the comments below.

Stay away from the Task Force Pressure Washer


Complaints on this power washer continue to pile in in my comments section below. Stay away.


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