Behr Stain Colors

Behr Stain Colors

Behr Stain Colors
Behr Colors

Behr Stain Colors are not just for painting your house. Last summer I talked about the staining or painting a basement, garage floor or driveway with Behr Cement Stain.

Using Behr Stain Colors

I raved about how even a klutz could make his driveway look like newly poured cement.  I am also the klutz that began driving his car on it before it was fully cured. As for notresearching stain paint hues or behr colors that might be better at concealing the wear and tear on a driveway, count me guilty as charged on that count too. Cement Painting is not easy and it requires some preparation. I thought it would be worth a follow up review on how my Behr Paint Stain (without regard to Behr Colors) or cement driveway paint job held up after 1 full winter of Colorado weather.


What happened to the Original Behr Color?

The answer to how my Behr Colors Stain job held up after one full winter in Colorado is that it was a sad, dismal failure. In the beginning, the freshly white Behr Color looked so much like new cement I was just sure I had saved several thousand dollars on a new Cement Job for my driveway. Unfortunately, that is not what I was thinking 4, 5 and 6 months later. The paint began to peel, and the old driveway color underneath looks tragically like a dirt, muddy driveway. Six months after painting it, I estimate that only 70% of the original Behr Stain color is left. Some knucklehead didn’t think to match the Behr Colors Stain with the original driveway color in case it peeled! If there is one bright spot, it is that my Dap Ready-Mix Driveway Concrete Patch job has held up well. I would guess that 95% or more of the patching I did last summer has prevented the driveway from further peeling and chipping. Dap Ready Mix, hooray. Behr Cement Driveway stain, BOO..

Where did I do Wrong?

For one, thing I should have looked into Behr Colors Charts or tried harder to find a color that matched my darker, more naturally-worn darker-colored driveway. The local hardware store could have easily mixed the stain for me to find a stain color that was a more suitable match. Secondly, I should have stayed off the driveway for a couple of days to allow the Behr Stain to cure. It does seem that most of the wear & tear is where the car tire tracks are leading into the garage. Finally, I probably should have looked into better cleaning and preparation prior to staining the surface.

Conclusion on Behr Stains and Behr Colors for Cement Driveways

I’m willing to give the Behr Concrete Stain another try this summer. My driveway surface is in too good of shape to consider paying for a whole new concrete job. hmmm.. Not so fast. There are other brands and ways. Paint Frazee, Paint Duron, Paint Dutch Boy and Paint Dunn Edwards are a few names in stain and paint that I’ve heard tossed around. I may look into those brands first, but one thing’s for sure. Don’t choose such a behr colors stain that is in dramatic contrast to my original driveway!

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Behr Concrete Stain
Behr Concrete Stain

Want a New Looking Driveway?

If you took my advice last month and used Dap Ready-Mix  to patch up your concrete driveway, chances are you have a chip and crack-free driveway full of grayish, funny-looking blotches. What can you do to make your entire driveway look clean and new again? If I knew the answer to this, my own driveway would look clean and new again. Would you settle for almost clean and new again? Okay, I have a product for you.

What is Behr Concrete Stain?

Behr Solid Concrete Stain No. 800 can help you make your driveway look like almost new. If you’re wondering whether to paint your driveway or stain it, rest easy: they are one in the same. If you need to paint or stain any outdoor cement or concrete surface, I have an easy solution.


What can it be used for?

Behr No.800 Solid, White-Base Concrete Stain is a durable, water repellent, solid color paint designed to help protect and enhance exterior and interior, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. It is made of a Silicon-Acrylic formula which Behr says is high-performance, durable and long-lasting. By high-performance, we assume they mean it covers well over cement and looks good on your driveway or patio. Behr Concrete Stain is meant for surfaces such as: Concrete, Masonry Walls, Basements, Patios, Sidewalks, Cement Driveways, Garage Floors,  Concrete Pool Decks, Tennis Courts, Cement Blocks, Pillars and Brick, and of course all other sorts of outdoor cement areas.

How Much Behr Cement Paint do I Need and How Much Does it Cost?

We needed about 4 gallons of Concrete Stain to cover a 1,000 square foot driveway. Behr advertises that a gallon should thinly cover about 400 square feet, so exercise their own advice with caution.  One gallon of Behr Concrete Stain costs about $23.00 at Home Depot.


What Else Do I Need to Paint My Driveway?

You will need a Paint Roller with ¼ to 3/8 “nap roller covers. I recommend using 2 or 3 rollers to keep them fresh and clean as you go. Also, 4-6′ roller extension will make the job much quicker and easier. Out of the can, the No. 800 Stain is a very blinding bright white color, so you may want to mix in some black paint dye to achieve a slightly grayish or darker appearance. If you are painting a cement patio, you may even choose a different color dye, such as terracotta, or choose Behr, number 830, which is a dark-base stain.

How to Paint your Driveway Surface

Mix the paint well and begin painting as you would any other surface, using generous amounts to fully cover sections at a time with a roller and extension. I don’t recommend such a thin coat, because you will end up working just as hard to cover it with a second coat. After a first coat is completed, it is recommended that you wait 24 hours before applying a second coat, if it is needed. You might as well cover it as best you can on the first try.


How will my driveway look after it is fully painted?

Unless you’re a complete klutz, it will look like newly poured cement.  Some idiot, and I won’t mention any names, decided he could drive his car back into his garage, just 7 hours after the driveway was finished. You can recognize this moron by the tire-marks in the driveway of his home (in case you’re curious). Behr recommends staying off the surface for 24 hours, and keeping your car off the surface for 72 hours. If you’re not satisfied the color or covering of the cement, you can apply a 2nd coat just 24 hours later.  We will visit this topic later to report back on how well Behr-800 Concrete Stain protects the driveway and other cement surfaces from the wear and tear of winter weather.


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