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Little Big ShotIs the Little Big Shot the best hose nozzle money can buy? Before I can answer that question, let me apologize for getting excited over little gadgets that seem so trivial. It’s that time of year when lawn and garden products dominate our weekends, so please allow me to get into the spirit of the season – and won’t you join me?  With summer nearly here it’s hard not to get excited about outdoor things like hose nozzles. Having just recently bought a new Honda-Simpson pressure washer, you would think a hose nozzle might be the farthest thing from my mind. I thought so too. That is, until, I saw this little 10-dollar gadget at my Bed Bath and Beyond store. The advertisement claimed that this little nozzle (Half the size of the previous hoze nozzles I like), sprays with 40% more pressure than other hose nozzles. In my previous review on best hose nozzles, I really thought this was about the best it good get:  As much as I love the gas-powered pressure washer, it is no where near as convenient as this little guy. Little Big Shot is about 1.25″ long and packs a powerful punch, just as the packaging says!

Best Hose NozzleThe Little Big Shot is much smaller than the previous hose nozzle I reviewed, yet much bigger on power and pressure. Not only does the little big shot shoot water at a much higher velocity, it also offers a much wider variety of spray settings. The advertisement on the package claims that this nozzle sprays with 40% more pressure and 40% farther. At $9.95, I figured it was worth trying. After mowing a damp lawn, my Toro Leaf Blower doesn’t always have the power to pull the sticky grass off my Elite Crete Driveway surface. Starting up the gas-powered pressure washer is fun, but maybe just a little bit overkill for such a trivial task.  There is more to this nozzle than just power, pressure and distance. The manufacturer claims that the Little Big Shot doesn’t leak and is capable of a very wide range of spray settings, including a needle-point spray.

I found all of these claims to be true. When I examined the inside, I could see it was a little different than most hose nozzles. Rather than having a typical washer inside of its threads, there is a green-colored rubber fitting that completely seals the inside with a small, precision hole for emitting the water. Three ball-bearings surround the outer-sprayer hole allowing for precision and flexible spray-setting adjustments. It works as well as advertised. Below is a grief demonstration of the Little Big Shot. Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t seem to capture the velocity of the spray due to a slow, HD frame-rate. Just know that this product produces a high-pressure volume of water and works as advertised. I highly recommend the little big shot and up to this point, it represents the best hose nozzle I’ve ever tried.

Best Hose Nozzle In Action

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Hose Nozzle

Hose Nozzle
Copper Hose Nozzle

It’s amazing how something as simple as a hose nozzle can cause years of grief before you finally decide to do something about it. Funny thing about the hose nozzles is that we usually need a minimum of two of them for our yard. My current back yard hose is the one that has suffered through more lousy nozzles than I care to remember. The good one always ends up in the front yard for washing cars because that is where it seems to be needed the most. The other nozzles usually end up in the trash after a year or two for the following reasons:

  • gets more water on you than the plants or car you’re watering
  • fails to deliver a fine enough or wide enough spray over time
  • is cracked and mechanically broken
  • is troublesome and awkward to use

So, why has the one in my front yard lasted so long? More on that later. But for now, let’s admit this much:
We’ve all suffered through bad hose nozzles with one or all of the above symptoms, and we invariably end up going back to the store and spending between $5 and $25.00 for new ones and keep repeating the same mistakes. There has got to be a better way.

Bon-Aire Hose Nozzle

Bon-Aire Hose Nozzle
Bon Aire Hose Nozzle

This is what got me to talking about Hose Nozzles in the first place. I was at the Denver Home and Garden show just two weekends ago when I walked past a booth where a very excited salesman was talking about the amazing Bon-Aire Hose Nozzle – made from Aircraft Aluminum; rugged, durable and unbreakable. The salesman also made a very impressive demonstration of the jet-stream power and the way the Bon-Aire adjusted from various levels of spray. He dropped the Bon-Aire on the hard floor to show how durable it was. I was impressed and decided to look into these for my next back yard nozzle. The Bon-Aire nozzle did indeed get some pretty impressive reviews. Amazon users of the Bon-Aire “ultimate” nozzle rated it an average of 4.5 stars. Only a couple of things bothered me: One, a few users said it stopped working after 1-2 years. Some even mentioned that the product was no longer made in America and appeared to be made with cheaper materials. My verdict is that the Bon-Aire is indeed a high-performing water nozzle, but the commentary from users made me very doubtful that it would live up to the expectations of my front yard hose. Now it’s time to confess what I have in the front yard:

A Better Nozzle

Grandpa’s Old Copper Nozzle is Still the Best

Believe it or not, I have been using a hose nozzle passed down from my grandfather 17 years ago. There is no telling how long he has had it since I inherited it after he passed away in 1994. This old, 4″ long copper nozzle has been abused, dropped, thrown around and performed flawlessly for at least 25 years. I’ve replaced a couple of washers in it, but that’s all it has ever needed to continue offering me drip-free, high-pressure, variable water spraying performance in the 17 years that I’ve owned it. Much of today’s sprayers, such as the Task Force Pressure Washer, use too many parts and are therefore likely to break overtime. This good old fashioned copper nozzle is made only from two pieces of copper and a washer. For performance, I might try one of the Bon-Aire nozzles, but I won’t hesitate to add another one of these life-long lasting copper Hose Nozzles that I got from my Grandpa to the backyard hose.