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Cheap Pet Insurance

Is Pet Insurance Worth it? Should we find Cheap Pet Insurance for our pets is it worth the money? Like any other type of insurance, we should hope that the cost of the premiums we pay over the life of our pets outweighs the potential use of those bills. I’ve had several cats over the …

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Ssscat Cat Repellent

Does Ssscat Cat Repellent Spray Really Work? Ssscat Cat Repellent Spray is designed to keep your cats off or away from places you don’t want them – like your plants, kitchen cabinets and other off-limit areas, for instance.  If you wish there was a way to keep your cat out of the kitchen; away from …

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Worlds Best Cat Litter

Is the Worlds Best Cat Litter the  world’s best, both literally, and figuratively? I decided to put their presumptuous brand name to the task. I’ve owned cats all my life. Cat litter formulas have improved over the years and thus my expectations have increased.  There used to be a time when cat litters consisted only of …

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Bil Jac Dog Food

Review “You don’t know jack about Dog Food unless you’ve tried Bil Jac Dog Food.” Or so, this is what satisfied Bil-Jac-Dog-Food-buying-dog-owners have told me. When I did my Dog Food Reviews and Comparisons over a year ago, I completely over looked this brand of dog food which a great number of dog owners seem …

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Dogs vs Cats

Which Make Better Pets? Dogs or Cats? Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong pet. It might seem a little out of the ordinary to do a comparison pet review, but that is exactly why I decided to do a review on dogs vs cats. There really is nothing too ordinary about Product Review …

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Dog Food Ratings

What is the Best Dog Food? Dog Food Ratings and Comparisons Dog Food Ratings can be rather dry. What is the best dog food? Being a product reviewer may sound like a glamorous job (and it is), but I assure you it is also a lot of hard work. To review food, you really must …

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