Glacier Bay Toilet

Glacier Bay Power Flush Toilet Review

glacier bay power flush toilet

This Glacier Bay Toilet is extremely affordable, yet somewhat remarkable as I will demonstrate in this review. This is the Glacier Bay Power Flush Toilet which can be purchased at Home Depot for around $159.00. It comes with a slow-closing seat, wax-seal and everything you need to install. I had procrastinated for years on replacing a slow, swirl-flushing toilet in our master bath. The rest of the commodes in our house flushed significantly faster, more efficiently, faster, and quieter. Sometimes the master bath toilet would not flush at all. I knew it was old and outdated, but just prolonged going through the cost and trouble of getting it replaced and then having to dispose of the old toilet.

Glacier Bay vs. American Standard

When our basement was remodeled 5 years ago, the plumber used American Standard toilets for around $300 each. I was impressed with how quickly and efficiently they flushed. I noted that they were 1.6GPF and so I was bound and determined to find one just like them to replace the old, slow, swirling toilet in our master bath. Finding a 1.6GPF toilet was not as easy as I thought. They were not nearly as common. When I dug a little deeper and read some reviews, I decided the amount of water had little to do with the performance. So, I began looking at other American Standard models when the name, Glacier Bay popped up during an Amazon Search. This particular Glacier Bay toilet model is a 1.28GPF toilet which uses less water to accomplish the same task as a good, 1.6GPF model like the Toto Toilet I have on my main floor, but for significantly less money. Apparently, the vacuum-assisted, gravity technology makes them flush just as well as a 1.6GPF model, but using .4 gallons less water. This explains why the 1.6GPF are not as common. Toilets that flush at 1.28GPF get are labeled as water sense certified.

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Executioner Electric Fly Swatter

Executioner Electric Fly Swatter

I have bought two other electric fly swatters. Each of them worked okay, but had their share of problems. One of them, for instance, was constantly sparking before it touched anything which would scare the flying insects away before I had a chance to execute them. The other one seemed to daze the bugs without actually killing them. The Executioner is the best one I’ve owned, hands-down. It is quiet and gives a sufficient enough zap to kill even the nastiest things like large hornets. Before we go out and buy one, let’s explore the often asked question of whether or not electric fly swatters are safe.

Are Electric Fly Swatters Safe?

Having used an electric fly swatter for 3 years, I can state with utmost certainty that they are definitely not safe for flying insects. The Executioner electric fly swatter is the least safe of all because it destroys flying insects the most efficiently. Your greater concern, however, might have been whether or not these electric fly swatters are safe for humans. Electric fly swatters are activated by pressing a button. The button needs to be continually pressed-down while it comes in contact with a flying insect. You absolutely can give yourself a non-fatal shock by holding down the button while striking your other hand. I was dumb enough to try this myself the first time I took it out of the package. It was not a pleasant feeling, but it certainly didn’t cause me nearly as much harm as it would one of its intended, flying victims. I suppose the single, biggest danger of an electric fly swatter is that it might make you daring enough to be around dangerous flying insects like hornets or wasps. Some worry about whether or not electrocuting flying insects is cruel. I’ll speak to that.

Are Electric Fly Swatters Cruel?

I remember when Bug Zappers came out back in the 1980s. We sat on our back patios, sipping cocktails and beer, while we listened to mosquitoes fry by the thousands. None of us ever worried it was cruel. The sounds of these harmful pests crisping in the still of the dark night was music to our ears. Consider the filth and germs carried by flies. Consider the danger presented to us by hornets. No, it is not cruel to use an electric fly swatter.

Executioner Fly Swatter – Buy it Here

Swiffer Wet Jet Pads

Swiffer Wet Jet Pads

Swiffer Wet Jet Pads might just be the best product you never knew about. I say this because at one time I didn’t know what all the fuss was about over a simple, light-weight floor, light-duty floor mop. I learned differently when I had my basement floor finished in laminate. What was once a arduous, long task of sweeping then mopping has turned into a very quick and efficient job with the swiffer wet jet pads. The secret is how well this works is not in the mop but in the pads!

You can spend most of your hardwood or laminate floor cleaning by simply using the Swiffer Dry Pads. Essentially, these replaces the need for a broom and a dustpan. Simply attach them to the head of your swiffer broom and they will literally pick up dust, dirt, and small debris like a magnet. Little or no elbow grease is required. Often times my laminate floor shows a fine film of dust when the sun shines through the windows in the morning. This is how I know the floor needs a quick clean up. When you cannot get it looking clean with the dry pads (not too often), you know it is time to switch to the Swiffer wet jet pads.

How to use Swiffer Dry Pads

Swiffer Wet Jet Pads

How to use both dry and wet pads with the Swiffer

The cute, little video below shows you how simple it is to dry and wet clean with the Swiffer. Swiffer also makes a complete Swiffer Starter Kit with spray feature. This is totally unnecessary. As the video below indicates, the simple, manual, hand-held, wet/dry broom for $12.00 works just fine.

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