Cassava Chips by Siete

If Cassava Chips by Siete weren’t so expensive, I’d be eating a bag of them a day. These chips really are remarkable because they have just the right amount of salt and a very light and thin texture that makes them very hard to stop eating. I’ve always loved snacks, but have discovered in the last couple of years that the artificial oils and modified corn in these products is a common trigger for migraine headaches. While I’m not on a strict paleo diet, I now force myself to keep away from snacks that cause headaches and other, undesirable, unhealthy side effects. Cassava Chips are made from three ingredients: Cassava, avocado oil, and sea salt.  Like the Siete Almond Tortillas I reviewed several months ago, Cassava chips give you a healthy alternative to grain-based foods and snacks.  What is Cassava and how are the chips made?

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Plantain Chips

Plantain ChipsPlantain chips are a perfect snack for those who are on a Paleo-diet or at least trying their best to stay away from less, “healthy” snacks. If you need something to crunch on, the Artisan Tropic Plantain strips are perfectly roasted and have a very satisfying texture and crunch. They are neither hard, nor soft; neither salty, nor sweet, yet they give you just the right amount of both snack characteristics. Some might prefer them a bit sweeter; others might want them saltier so fortunately, they provide them in either flavor; naturally sweet or with sea salt.

What are Plantains?

Plantains are a member of the banana family. In fact, they look like a big, green, yellow, or black banana on the outside.  I’ve been told that the green plantains are the best for making chips, so i would assume that the Artisan Tropic brand of Plantain strips are in fact made from the green ones. The green ones are also the sweetest, though still not as sweet as a banana. When I crave a salty snack, I don’t want it to be too sweet, so in a way, making chips from plantains makes a heckuva lot of sense.

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Healthiest Potato Chips Brands

Healthiest Potato Chips Brands
– A Review on the Top-5 Healthiest Chips

What Makes a Healthy Potato Chip?

Healthiest Potato Chips BrandsThere are as many if not more opinions on what makes snacks healthy or unhealthy as there are number of potato chips brands. Some on a paleo diet might even argue whether potatoes are healthy at all. Let’s assume that potatoes are okay for most of us who are not following a strict paleo or FodMap diet. With that said, no other snack is as crunchy, tasty, and as satisfying as a potato chip. Sweet potato chips are a great, paleo-friendly snack, but they simply don’t satisfy the craving of a chip lover like myself. The sweetness cuts into the enjoyment of the salt. I gotta have that potato, salty crunch with my lunch or I’m left feeling hungry and betrayed. So what is a healthy potato chip? If we’re not on a paleo diet and we’re okay with potatoes, the only thing that can possibly make the chip unhealthy are things like MSG, preservatives, and commercial, seed oils. The one thing I will avoid at all costs is canola oil. Canola does not come from food, it comes from the rapeseed plant which is not a food.  The next couple of oils I would avoid are safflower and sunflower oils.

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