Ratings on Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

According to the reviews I’ve read, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is one of the smoothest, best-tasting vodkas you can buy. Tito’s also happens to be a completely, gluten free vodka. This is something that is important to anyone who has celiac disease or other, less-serious, gluten allergies. I paid $25.99 for the 1.75 liter of bottle …

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Platinum Vodka

Platinum vodka may look like one of those expensive Polish or Russian Vodkas, but how does it taste? It didn’t take me very long to find out. I discovered the Platinum at Costco’s liquor partner store just yesterday while looking for my favorite, Ruskova. I found this instead: Platinum brand Vodka, in a big, 1.75 liter …

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Pearl Vodka

How do you rate Pearl Vodka? Leave Your Review Below Pearl vodka is my new, favorite vodka for making straight-up, martinis with two olives. I like my martinis very dry with little or no olive juice. Who would waste good money on vodka and put olive juice in it? Not me, but maybe that’s just me. …

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Eristoff Vodka

How do you rate Eristoff Vodka? Leave Your Review Below Eristoff Vodka is a triple-distilled, bargain-priced vodka made in France. To me, premium vodkas are a rip-off. The top-shelf brands in the elegant bottles like Grey Goose are overpriced. It is my belief that the majority of people who pay a pretty penny for these expensive …

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