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Best Triple Sec

The best triple sec is one that doesn’t cost a fortune and won’t ruin a good margarita. So, where can you get a great bottle of triple sec that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Triple sec is basically an orange liqueur which is often a popular compliment to margaritas.   Unfortunately, many of …

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El Charro Tequila

El Charro Tequila is an extremely affordable Reposado made from 100% agave nectar. I don’t know about you, but when I find a 750 ML bottle of 100% Agava tequila for under $15.00, I buy it right off the shelf with no questions asked. The El Charro Reposado was only $13.98 at my local, Westminster …

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Kru-82 Vodka

Kru-82 Vodka The Review As I write this review, I have no idea if Kru-82 vodka is from France or Holland – or both. My bottle clearly says that Kru-82 is distilled in France. Other reviews mention that it comes from Holland. Either way, this was an impulse purchase for me. I was leaving my …

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Monopolowa Vodka

Vodka made with potatoes tend to be my favorites. ┬áThere are two reasons I prefer them: One: Since potatoes are a gluten-free starch, vodkas made from potatoes are healthier for those who have an intolerance or experience adverse reactions to gluten-based foods. If you like having a couple of martinis every day, this is an …

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