Asahi Beer

Asahi Beer
Asahi Super Dry

The first time I had Asahi Beer I wasn’t able to appreciate it as much as I should have. It was my 50th birthday party and I had already drank a couple of glasses of scotch and about 3 or 4 other beer brands which I was unable to remember by the time I took my first sip of the Asahi. What I do remember is that the Asahi went down smoother and drier than anything I had drunk all day. Asahi bills itself as a super dry beer and that’s no lie. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that I really became fond of the Asahi super dry beer.

I came home from work on a really hot June afternoon and so the story goes: Before heading inside the cool air conditioned house to relax, I took care of some chores outside in the hot sun and developed quite a thirst. Normally, I’m craving a couple of martinis and olives at around 5:30pm, but the heat, along with my increasing thirst coaxed my mind into considering the assortment of cold, brews that were left in the basement refrigerator from the birthday bash the previous weekend. I opened the fridge and sorted through about a dozen different types of Sam Adams; then skipped over some cans of Coors; Modelo Especial and a half dozen bottles of New Castle before the 3 remaining bottles of Asahi Beer caught my eye; still in the original box labeled, Super Dry. The Super Dry Asahi seemed like the perfect match for my thirst. It would also be a great opportunity to evaluate the Asahi beer with fresh taste buds for the first time. Appreciation for a premium dry beer took on a new meaning from the very first sip of Asahi.

Tasting Notes

The dryness of Asahi makes it an incredibly refreshing beer for hitting the spot on a hot summer day. Yet, this super dry beer fromJapandoesn’t stop at that. Even if you’re not particularly thirsty, Asahi is an incredibly enjoyable beer to sip. The Asahi has a very well-rounded, wood-oak, malty nose at first taste with the perfect amount of effervescence that seems to dissolve magically on your tongue. I taste a nice amount of hops with just a hint of  lemon-citrus after-bite. Asahi Beer is most definitely a worthy Lager Style beer. Like you would expect from a Japanese beer, Asahi is made with rice.

My over all Impression? I give Asahi Beer a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. I’ll be buying this one again soon.


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Landshark Beer Island Style Lager

Landshark Beer Review

Landshark BeerIf you haven’t tried Landshark Beer, don’t let another summer go by fooling yourself into believing that it’s just another one of those “island style” lagers designed to make you believe you’re in the Bahamas feeling tropical, giddy, lose and free. Landshark tastes good just about anywhere and at any time of season, night or day,  but it is mostly for a hot summer day. You will get a wide number of varying views of Landshark Beer opinions on the internet. The most surprising opinions I’ve read are that it is similar to Corona or a cheap version of Budweiser. As someone who likes neither Corona, nor Bud, I assure you that it tastes nothing like either of those beers. What makes Landshark different?

Refreshing, but Hearty

Landshark beer is a light-colored lager with quite a bit more flavor and substance than Corona. While Landshark beer has a bit of the skunky aroma, it has a much fuller body than Corona. If you like heavier, darker micro-brews, as do I, then you might appreciate the cold refreshing flavor of Landshark on a warm summer day. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the complexities of a Microbrew, then you might not care for Landshark lager. It is light flavored, but not so light on taste as it’s summer color might make you believe. Landshark beer is a refreshing summer beverage with soul.When I tried Landshark for the first time, I had a hard time putting my finger on what separates it from other summer style lagers. The difference with Landshark is not only taste, but texture as I’ll explain:

Key Tasting Notes and Qualities

Medium-light taste and a foamy champagne-like effervescence  that takes its pleasant time dissolving in the back of your mouth. Your taste buds will appreciate the way this lager quenches your thirst and taste for a substantive beer without filling you up. There is nothing complex about the flavor of this light summer-style beer, but it does have  a bit of green apple tang to it as it goes down and finishes in your mouth. The carbonation is far more pleasing to me than Corona, which reminds me more of carbonated water and lacks the full-bodied white foaminess of Landshark. Not everyone always agrees on taste as I pointed out in my Sobieski Vodka review. I can understand why some beer drinkers are critical of Landshark Beer. It’s not a cheap beer and the first time I tried it, I thought it reminded me of a typical American beer. It wasn’t until I opened up a bottle on a hot summer day that I appreciated it’s unique, refreshing carbonation and after-taste. With all of its hype, if you don’t find Landshark lager to your liking,  I can understand your dissapointment. However, if you haven’t taken a cold bottle out to the pool or your backyard on a hot summer day, don’t be too quick to judge Landshark Beer.

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