Best Store Bought Pasta

Best Store Bought PastaWhat is the best store bought pasta? Barilla Linguine Fini is the best store bought, egg-free pasta, hands-down. Really, the best pasta should be made with eggs, but it is hard to find that these days and some of them are just not as good as they used to be. When I was a kid we always bought a brand called, RF Egg Vermicelli. Unfortunately, the stupid and phony cholesterol scare caused pasta makers to stop using eggs. Nobody would buy it because they were mistakenly conned into thinking consuming eggs would raise your cholesterol and harm your heart health. So, pasta makers stopped using eggs and the pasta has never been as good ever since. But, that’s another topic. Back to rating the best store bought pasta. A good pasta should be springy, bouncy, and full of life. I love watching the television show, Lydia’s kitchen. Lydia has demonstrated on TV more than once what a good pasta looks like. Nobody wants limp or soggy spaghetti. Lydia has even specifically described and demonstrated how pasta needs to have a spring and bounce to it when you twirl it with your fork.  I am not sure what brand of pasta Lydia actually uses, but as far as I am concerned she is the best Italian chef on TV. I’ve learned many things from her and her cooking reminds me of my Italian grandmother.

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Salt Water Pool Test Kit – What is the Best Way to Test Salt Levels in Pool

Salt Water Pool Test Kit
Taylor K-1766

The Taylor K 1766 is by far the best salt water pool test kit you can buy. Let me tell you why. It is a little more expensive than the Aquachek test strips and takes a little more time to use, but it is well worth it I’ve already told you why the Taylor K2006 is the best all-around test kit for testing your pool chemicals. Now, I can confidently tell you that the K 1766 is the best salt water pool test kit for much the same reason I like the K2006 for testing chlorine. The results leave no doubt in my mind as to how the salt water level is of my swimming pool.

The reason I like Taylor products such as the K2006’s included free chlorine test kit is that there is a clear end-point with the color change which leaves no doubt or subjective speculation. The K1766 works much the same way as I will explain below. First, let me tell you what I didn’t like about the Aquapure salt water test strips.

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Monkey Shoulder Scotch Review

Monkey Shoulder ScotchMonkey Shoulder scotch is a blended scotch of three, different, Speyside Single Malts: Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Kininivie. The story on the back of the bottle provides an interesting story as to how Monkey Shoulder Scotch got its unusual name which is derived from the malt men who doing the shoulder-wrenching job of constantly turning the malted barley by hand to make small batches of delicious whiskey. I will boldly say that this scotch is deserving of this name for a much more important reason: That is, you will throw your shoulder out from the thousands of times you will be lifting the glass up to your lips to consume this delicious, liquid gold. Monkey Shoulder scotch is one of the best blended scotches I’ve ever had. It is actually similar to a Speyside Single Malt like Glenlivet, but it is even better than that. 

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