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My Story: I am a Life-Long Critic of Everything

Rob Delisa is a teacher / product reviewer, and writer.

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When is it a Helpful Review or an Unhealthy Obsession?

Author of Product Review RatingsMy career as a product review writer is the result of my life-long obsession critiquing and excessively analyzing every product I have ever tried, used, sampled, tasted and experienced. Admittedly, most everybody appreciates an honest opinion about products they are considering before they buy them, but when does it go too far? My poor wife has had to tolerate my constant critiquing of every thing we drink, eat, watch and have used both in and outside of the house for 28 years. My kids, too, have had to learn that there is no fun and enjoyment to be had without my comprehensive analysis of the entertainment or food that’s involved. What’s more, they know that my very strong opinions usually only belong to me and are often subject to change. A good example of this is how my taste for coffee evolved over the last 20 years.



A Changing Taste for Coffee

As Starbucks were sprouting up all over Metro Denver back in the 1990s, I never appreciated it because I considered it way too dark and over-roasted.  I preferred lighter, more acidic coffees. In fact, I once wrote a letter to Starbucks complaining that their brand should be re-named, Charbucks. That all changed when I actually went into a Starbucks store and decided to try one of their freshly brewed cups of dark black coffee. I never looked at coffee the same way again. My conclusion was that home coffee brewers simply don’t do a good job unlocking the potential flavor of Starbuck’s magic roast. Now, I really prefer darker roasts and I’ve reviewed a whole slew of coffee makers, Keurig’s and Tassimo’s in an attempt to get the same rich, dark roast at home.

Reviews on Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

One of the advantages I have as a product reviewer is that I have a extremely broad range of interests and tastes.With a taste and interest for just about any topic, I have the tremendous opportunity to try a lot of different products and services. In addition to coffee makers, I’ve written reviews on dozens of brands of vodka, lawn mowers, gas grills, electric grills, tequila,  grass trimmers, toaster ovens, iPhones, iPads, cordless drills, scotch, computer mice, Christmas lights, beer, probiotics, hose nozzles, monovision eye surgery, prescription eye-glasses, gin, allergy and sinus remedies, pain killers, bourbon, kitchen faucets and yes, I really have written about kitchen sinks.

My Social Connections.

I enjoy giving opinions as much as like to hear them. I look forward to connecting with you via any or all of the social mediums below.


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Getting Personal

Product reviews should never be taken too personally. We all have various opinions and tastes. What is most important to me is my faith and values.  I am 100% Catholic, strongly pro-life and conservative through and through. God, faith and family come first. I guess you could say I have a variety of eclectic interests and passions. I am a life-long trumpet player; and a bit of an expert on leasing cars. You can learn a little bit more about my passion and interests by visiting my other blogs.

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