Camp Chef Pellet Grill Review

The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill Review

CampChef SmokePro DLX

Good quality pellet grill; easily as well built as Traeger for 20% less cost. Solid and reliable. 


  • Solid Construction
  • Adjustable Smoke Settings
  • WiFi capable with two probes


  • Grill has difficulty getting up to really high levels; 400-500. 
    WiFi sometimes doesn’t work. 
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The Benefits of Pellet Grill Cooking

If you’re looking for a versatile outdoor cooking appliance, then a pellet grill is the way to go. Some of my friends and relatives with Egg Shell grills, Kamado’s, and various other wood-fueled smokers seem to feel it is not as much fun or is somehow beneath their manliness to grill with an appliance that uses an electrical cord. While I can understand the fun and spirit behind using real fire to grill, there is also some real benefits behind the versatility electrical pellet grill technology offers you. Pellet grills may not always get the strongest smoke flavor, but you will be armed with a versatile cooking appliance that will result in a higher quantity and consistency of delicious meals than any other barbecue grill or smoker.

The Camp Chef Pellet Grill with WiFi

My Honest Review on the Camp Chef Model

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill

As an owner of a Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill with WiFi, I can attest to its many benefits. First off, the construction of this grill is top-notch. It feels sturdy and well-made, which is important given its relatively high price point. Additionally, the temperature control is very consistent, which is essential for successful smoking. I particularly appreciate the ability to adjust the smoke level from 1-10, allowing for customized levels of smokiness in each recipe.

The low-temperature smoking capability is particularly impressive. I’ve successfully smoked ribs at temperatures as low as 185 degrees, resulting in a delicious smoke ring. And, when I need to sear a steak, supposedly I can crank up the temperature to 550 degrees though I haven’t had consistent luck getting to reach that high of a temperature.

Slow Smoked Ribs on Pellet Grill

One downside is that the WiFi connection can be unreliable at times, with connection drops occurring about 10-20% of the time. Unfortunately, once the connection is lost, it can be challenging to reconnect without shutting down the grill entirely. Another drawback is the lack of storage space on the grill. While I appreciate the removable ash cup, there’s not much space to hold food or utensils. I purchased some magnet hooks to hang things on, but they tend to get knocked off by the cover, which is another minor annoyance.

Pellet Smoked Ribs
Pulled Pork Pellet Grill

Speaking of the cover, the Camp Chef pellet grill cover is difficult to pull off the grill, often getting hung up on the smoke stack. This is frustrating, but ultimately not a deal-breaker.

Finally, like many pellet grills, the smoke flavor can be hit or miss. Even on the highest smoke setting, I don’t always get the depth of smokiness I’m looking for. In those cases, I use smoke sticks to enhance the flavor.

Overall, the Smoke Pro Deluxe Camp Chef Pellet Grill with WiFi is a solid choice for outdoor cooking. Its high-quality construction and consistent temperature control make it a worthwhile investment. While there are some downsides, the convenience and versatility of pellet grilling cannot be beaten. I highly recommend this grill to anyone in the market for a reliable and versatile outdoor cooking appliance.

Are Pellets Healthy to Use?

Whether you are grilling with charcoal, wood, or pellets, cooking with smoke creates health concerns for some people. I want to dispel one myth about pellets: they are virtually all made with 100% natural wood, even the very cheapest brands. If you do a Google search, there are all kinds of warnings about pellets using binders with plastics and other unhealthy ingredients. Truthfully, I have looked carefully at 5 different brands; Kingsford, Expert Grill, Oklahoma Joe, Camp Chef, Traeger, Pit Boss, Cuisinart, Bear Mountain, all appear to be 100% made from real wood using a high-heat drying process. That said, there are still going to be carcinogens from any wood-based or charcoal fuel as it burns. However, cooking at low temperatures is also a healthy way to avoid carcinogenic meats. Everything is a balance.

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