Dual Shower Head

G Shower Promise Head Reviews and Ratings
Dual Shower Head

Product Name: G-Promise All Metal Dual Square Shower Head Combo

Product Description: The G-Promise Dual Shower delivers both a rain-style shower head and a hand-wand water flow.

Brand: G-Promise



GTIN-8: None

Offer price: $129.99

Currency: $129.99

Availability: InStock

Offer URL: https://amzn.to/3Jtql4A

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  • Value - 90%
  • Performance - 86%
  • Construction - 87%

Does the G-Promise Shower Head Outperform its Low Price?

In this review I will settle the debate on whether or not you always get what you pay for. The G-Promise dual shower head for just $129.99 does have lots of promise, but does it deliver?

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  • Dual Functioning Shower and Hand Wand
  • Low Price
  • Fast Delivery
  • Solid, Heavy Materials


  • Installation is a little confusing
  • Small Leak

Why use a Dual Shower Head?

After trying one in a hotel, I decided I prefer the combo shower head to the traditional single shower head. I can shower as normal, but then use the hand-sprayer for rinsing soap off of difficult-to-reach body parts. It is also handy for keeping the shower clean as I can spray down the inside of the shower door and walls.  For these two reasons, I decided I would like to change to a dual shower head. As I began shopping, I decided that another feature I wanted was the larger, square-shaped shower heads which deliver the rain effect. The G-Promise delivers on all of these features. The square head is 8 x 8 inches wide with 100, precision nozzles that provide a perfect flow of relaxing water over the surface of your body. The hand-held wand provides 60 jets of precise water delivery.

Installation and Use

Installation was not difficult, but it took me a little longer than it should have because I continually kept putting things on backwards. This is a common thing with me. I’ve never been good at following instructions.  Once installed properly, I realized the installation process really was quite simple and forward for someone a little more patient. The G-Promise dual shower head is very easy to adjust and use. One lever on the back, left-hand size quickly switches you from shower head to shower want. A quick warning. When you switch to shower wand you will want to direct it away from your body for a few seconds to warm it up. I learned this the hard way by spraying ice-cold water on my chest. Steal is a great conductor and is very cold until the pipe warms. The wand has a 71″ long hose which is all you will ever need to reach anywhere in your shower. The rain-like shower head is not particularly powerful, but apparently this can be remedied by removing a diverter between the head and the hand-held wand nozzle. I have not tried this yet, because the softer, more natural rain flow is all I’ve ever needed.


After 3 months of use, I am extremely happy with the performance of the G-Promise dual shower head. I would not go back to the traditional, boring single-head showerhead. The build quality is surprisingly good for a household product at this price. My shower stays cleaner now that I have a powerful, easy-to-maneuver, hand-sprayer to rinse the walls and shower door.

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