Dual Shower Head

G Shower Promise Head Reviews and Ratings
Dual Shower Head

Product Name: G-Promise All Metal Dual Square Shower Head Combo

Product Description: The G-Promise Dual Shower delivers both a rain-style shower head and a hand-wand water flow.

Brand: G-Promise


Offer price: $129.99

Currency: $129.99

Availability: InStock

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  • Value
  • Performance
  • Construction

Does the G-Promise Shower Head Outperform its Low Price?

In this review I will settle the debate on whether or not you always get what you pay for. The G-Promise dual shower head for just $129.99 does have lots of promise, but does it deliver?


  • Dual Functioning Shower and Hand Wand
  • Low Price
  • Fast Delivery
  • Solid, Heavy Materials


  • Installation is a little confusing
  • Small Leak
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A Dual Shower Head by G-Promise can be had for just $129.99. In this review I will reveal whether or not this product lives up to its promise or is it too good to be true for such a low price? For starters, not everyone is interested in a combination shower head / hand-sprayer. I know some people think the extra hardware just gets in the way and they’d rather not have to deal with two separate water flows in the shower.  If you are just looking for a single, detachable showerhead, look at this one: G-Promise Single Detachable Shower Head

After trying one in a hotel, I decided I prefer the combo shower head. I can shower as normal, but then use the hand-sprayer for rinsing soap off of difficult-to-reach body parts. It is also handy for keeping the shower clean as I can spray down the inside of the shower door and walls.  For these two reasons, I decided I would like to change to a dual shower head. As I began shopping, I decided that another feature I wanted was the larger, square-shaped shower heads which deliver the rain effect. The G-Promise delivers on all of these features. The square head is 8 x 8 inches wide with 100, precision nozzles that provide a perfect flow of relaxing water over the surface of your body. The hand-held wand provides 60 jets of precise water delivery.

Installation was not difficult, but it took me a little longer than it should have because I continually kept putting things on backwards. I’ve never been good at following instructions.  Once installed properly, the G-Promise dual shower head is very easy to adjust and use. One lever on the back, left-hand size quickly switches you from shower head to shower want. A quick warning. When you switch to shower wand you will want to direct it away from your body for a few seconds to warm it up. I learned this the hard way by spraying ice-cold water on my chest. Steal is a great conductor and is very cold until the pipe warms. The wand has a 71″ long hose which is all you will ever need to reach anywhere in your shower. The rain-like shower head is not particularly powerful, but apparently this can be remedied by removing a diverter between the head and the hand-held wand nozzle. I have not tried this yet, because the softer, more natural rain flow is all I’ve ever needed.

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