Glacier Bay Toilet

Glacier Bay Powerflush Toilet $259.00
glacier bay power flush toilet

Product Name: Glacier Bay Powerflush Toilet

Product Description: The Glacier Bay Power Flush Toilet is a chair-height, elongated, 1.28GPF toilet.

Brand: Glacier Bay

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  • Price and Value - 96%
  • Performance - 98%
  • Appearance - 90%

Glacier Bay 1.28GPF Toilet

Elongated, 2-piece, 1.28GPF Toilet with unique Hydraulic,  vacuum-assisted, Power Flush technology.


  • Powerful Flush Performance (Can flush 7 Billiard balls)
  • Quiet Performance
  • Fast, 28 second refill
  • Low Price
  • No in-tank, flap to replace


  • Reliability and maintenance of non-standard tank parts are unknowns
  • Won’t flush the entire rack of billiard balls
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Glacier Bay Power Flush Toilet Review

This Glacier Bay Toilet is extremely affordable, yet somewhat remarkable as I will demonstrate in this review. This is the Glacier Bay Power Flush Toilet which can be purchased at Home Depot for around $159.00. It comes with a slow-closing seat, wax-seal and everything you need to install. I had procrastinated for years on replacing a slow, swirl-flushing toilet in our master bath. The rest of the commodes in our house flushed significantly faster, more efficiently, faster, and quieter. Sometimes the master bath toilet would not flush at all. I knew it was old and outdated, but just prolonged going through the cost and trouble of getting it replaced and then having to dispose of the old toilet.

Glacier Bay vs. American Standard

When our basement was remodeled 5 years ago, the plumber used American Standard toilets for around $300 each. I was impressed with how quickly and efficiently they flushed. I noted that they were 1.6GPF and so I was bound and determined to find one just like them to replace the old, slow, swirling toilet in our master bath. Finding a 1.6GPF toilet was not as easy as I thought. They were not nearly as common. When I dug a little deeper and read some reviews, I decided the amount of water had little to do with the performance. So, I began looking at other

when the name, Glacier Bay popped up during an Amazon Search. This particular Glacier Bay toilet model is a 1.28GPF toilet which uses less water to accomplish the same task as a good, 1.6GPF model like the Toto Toilet I have on my main floor, but for significantly less money. Apparently, the vacuum-assisted, gravity technology makes them flush just as well as a 1.6GPF model, but using .4 gallons less water. This explains why the 1.6GPF are not as common. Toilets that flush at 1.28GPF get are labeled as water sense certified.

Glacier Bay Power Flush Stealth Tank

The Glacier Bay toilet uses a patented hydraulic, vacuum-assisted technology to achieve a powerful, full flush on the first try. The box and online details boasted that you can flush 7 pool balls in one flush! This is a little bit overkill for me. Could I have saved a few bucks had I gone with a model that can only do 5 billiard balls. What is most important to me is that from the moment I press down the handle the toilet thoroughly flushes, refills quietly and completely in just 28 seconds. As boasted in the product details, “The flapper less design means no costly flapper, chains or levers to replace and no leaks ever. Also, this toilet virtually eliminates all refill noise as the fill valve is never exposed” As you can see in the above image, these parts are not typical. I love the idea of no flapper or leaks, but my concern is long-term reliability and serviceability of the non-standard tank parts.

Appearance, Fit and Finish

One thing that I really like about this Glacier Bay toilet is the small footprint of the tank. Is is neither as wide, nor deep as my previous toilet, yet outperforms it ten-fold. I bought the white model. Both commode and seat look very nice, glossy and appear to be very well made. It is too soon to speak for longevity but in the short-run, and for $159.00, this is one of the best household investments I’ve made in the last 10 years.


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