Leather Apple Watch Band

Leather Apple Watch Band

Leather Apple Watch Band $15.99
  • Style - 88%
  • Durability - 90%
  • Fit - 85%
  • Comfort - 90%

OUHENG Leather Apple Watch Band

The OUHENG rugged, attractive leather watch band fits 38/40/41mm Apple watches and is compatible with 7/6/5/4/3/2/1 series watches.  

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Great Look and Style Comfortable to wear Sturdy and Durable Real leather outer Surface


A little pricey Rather large Slighly difficult to put-on your wrist.

This leather apple watch band will completely transform the look and feel of your Apple watch. My recent purchase of the gold aluminum 5-series Apple Watch is the 3rd iWatch I’ve owned. Since I did not want a pink band I gave that one to my wife and decided I wanted something different. After owning an iWatch for the last 4 years, I grew tired of the numerous iWatch bands that I’ve owned. Whether they are metal, plastic, or cloth the iWatch still looks like – well, an Apple watch. This leather Apple watch band by OUHENG completely changes that. It is a bit bigger, sturdier, and provides a more rugged look to the iWatch that resembles something you’d see at a Cabela’s or Sportman’s Warehouse. Wear your iWatch hiking while using the MapMyHike app will make you feel as though both you and your watch truly belong in the great outdoors.

Compelling Reasons to Buy

Leather iWatch Band

There once was a time about 4-5 years ago when it was cool, fresh, and smart to be seen with an iWatch. You stood out from the crowd as having the latest technology on your wrist. Those days are gone and there is nothing exciting or new about it anymore. The OUHENG leather iWatch band truly stands-out from the rest of the apple watch accessories on the market. At first glance, your friends will think you are wearing an outdoor sportsmen’s watch, not the familiar Apple techno gadget. The new, 5-Series watches have a great new face for getting all of your outdoor apps on the screen: Compass, pedometer, Temperature Altitude, Weather, Date, Time, Calendar, etc., or however else you want it to look. All of your apps will look outdoorsy and rugged in leather.

Other Compelling Features

If you’ve ever warn leather watch bands, you know that the leather can make your wrist sweat and itch. The OUHENG leather watch band has genuine leather on the outside, but comfortable vinyl on the inside. It fits and feels great on your wrist even when you’re hiking in the hot outdoors.

Snug Fit

There are enough holes on the leather strap to make the OUHENG leather iWatch band fit snugly or loosely on your wrist depending on how you like it. My single, biggest complain of this and perhaps any of the different iWatch band styles is that they are more difficult to put on your wrist. It is not too much of a problem once you get used to it, but still, there is something to be said about the simplicity of the original iWatch band.

Product Conclusions

At $15.00, this band is a little pricey compared to the myriad of other choices you have on Amazon. Still, it is no more than what you would pay for a good analog watch and it has style, durability, and excellent fit. If you want a leather iWatch band, I don’t think you can go wrong with this choice.

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