Best Bluetooth Earbuds under 50

Tranya Bluetooth Earbuds $49.95
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  • Comfort and Wear - 88%
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  • Functions and Operation - 92%
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Tranya Bluetooth 5.0 Deep Bass True Wireless Headphones Review

Design and Functionality

Upon opening up the little box I was impressed with the nice packaging, attractive appearance, feel, and quality of the charging case. The charging case can be charged with or without earbuds attached via a USB port and adapter. The Earbuds are then charged by simply dropping them into the magnetic slots. The left and right each have their own shape to snugly and magnetically fit inside. Like all electronically charged devices, I could not find any instructions on how long it takes to charge these wireless earbuds or case. The directions do explain that the case is fully charged when the 3 lights at the bottom are all lit in solid green. When the earbuds are flashing read it means they still need a charge. Battery life of the earbuds is rated at 6-8 hours, but I have yet to go close to that many hours at once to test the accuracy of that claim. Pairing the earbuds was a breeze. By pressing on the earbuds the first time, they are powered on. Then, you go into your Bluetooth settings of your mobile device and choose T2-R. You are paired. That simple! Inside the box are a variety of different earbud plugs you can slip on and off to more comfortable fit the size and shape of your ear. However, there is more here than meets the eye or ‘ear’ as I shall explain in the Sound Quality section below. The earbuds have, in my opinion, very logical ways of controlling them: One press of either earbud will pause your music. Two presses on the left lowers the volume, two presses on the right raises it. Holding the power of either earbud for two seconds will skip to the next track. Triple-pressing either earbud will turn on the voice assistant for use with Siri or other device enabled voice control systems. One thing to know: If you want to use the bluetooth wireless earbuds on another device, you will have to disable the bluetooth connection on the one you were previously using. This is something to keep in mind if you’re having trouble pairing.

Comfort and Wear

Best Bluetooth Earbuds under $50

Some of the reviews on Amazon have complained that the earbuds hurt inside their ear. I find them softer and less harsh on the insides of my ears than the original Apple earpods. Also, I think they fit more snugly inside the ear with a simple twist and there is no worries about a cumbersome cord getting pulled by your elbow or arm. In short, they fit more securely than the wired earpods. I can work-out on the Elliptical without worrying about them falling out. That’s good enough for me. The real test, though, is would they pass my sound requirement of being as good or better sound quality than the original apple buds?

Sound Quality

Best Bluetooth Earbuds under 50

I have always thought Apple’s Earpods were pretty good compared to other cheap earbuds. When I first powered on the Tranya wireless ear headphones I immediately noticed they weren’t as loud as my Apple Earpods. This is an okay thing. I would never listen to then turned up all the way, anyway. My first and (now) lasting impression of these bluetooth wireless earbuds is that they most certainly do have better bass than the Apple. In fact, the sounds; treble, mid-range are fuller, cleaner, tighter and better all-around. When I went back to the Apple iPhone earbuds I immediately noticed they are not as clear and concise. In fact, they sound a bit muffled and boxy. While trying on the inferior Apple iPhone buds, I tried on a smaller, diameter earbud fitting for the Tranya before I placed them back on. At this point I knew one thing for sure: The best bluetooth earbuds under 50 bucks are not made by Apple. I immediately grabbed for a smaller pair of fittings for the Tranya as pictured above and put them back on. Here’s the big discovery: What happened to the bass? Lots of treble; good, sharp, crisp highs, but thinner mid ranges and a woeful lack of bass. Aha! The fittings are more than just for ear comfort. I went back to the original, bigger fittings and life was good once again. These are great sounding earbuds. Very good bass, though hip-hoppers might want more. Drums, highs, mids all sound superior to what I was used to. I highly recommend the Tranya Bluetooth 5.0 Deep Bass True Wireless Earbuds. While I have not tried them all, I believe these are as good as any if not the best, bluetooth earbuds under 50 bucks.

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