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oral b toothbrush headsYou can pay good money for Oral B toothbrush heads or you can go with a non-Oral B, compatible brand and save good money. Which is the way to go? That is the question I will answer in this review.

Oral B Toothbrush Heads Versus Compatible Brand

Do the Math

I absolutely love our Oral B Professional Care toothbrush. What I didn’t like was paying so much for the genuine-brand, Oral B toothbrush heads. We’ve been paying about $40.00 for an 8-Pack of the genuine, Oral B Toothbrush heads brand at Costco. Some quick division (40 / 8) reveals that we are paying $5.00 for just one, little toothbrush head. Even name-brand toothbrushes are less than $2.00 each at your grocery or department store. Actually, you can buy regular toothbrushes on Amazon for 0.73 cents each. So, I think we can agree the profit mark-up must be pretty high on all toothbrushes, whether they are for the Oral B electric or just not. Granted, the Oral B toothbrush head has a little more complexity to it due to the mechanics required by the electric, toothbrush motor. Still $5.00 is too much for a toothbrush that really should be replaced every month. I got to thinking, there has to be a cheaper brush and I was right. At Amazon, you can buy an entire 20-Pack of Oral B Compatible Toothbrushes for around $15.00. Doing the math once again ($15.00 /20), That comes out to just $0.75 cents per toothbrush head! That represents a savings of over 650% ($5.00 /$0 .75) . Yes, the generic Oral-B heads from Amazon are less than 1/6th the price of the genuine toothbrush heads. That kind of savings is worth looking into. The next question is, are they as good as the real thing?

Quality Comparison

The generic brand of Oral B toothbrush heads come in a generic package. No surprise there! Will I miss the pretty, Oral-B logo on the package? No … I wont. Nor, will I miss paying 6-times too much for a toothbrush. The generic toothbrush heads felt just as sturdy and well made and fit precisely the way they should on my toothbrush. Honestly, I cannot say that they are 100% identical. If there is one, very, very subtle difference it is that the compatible toothbrush heads feel just a wee bit smaller. After using it a couple of times I could no longer even tell the difference in size. After a month, I’m already on my 2nd replacement without feeling the guilt, shame or worry of wasting $5.00 a moment too soon. For $.75 cents each I will change my brush as often as I want! One another nice little fringe benefit of these generic toothbrushes is the way they are packaged. They are divided up in to 5 – 4-piece packages which makes them very convenient to handle, store, or take on the go! The verdict is that these Oral B compatible toothbrush heads are virtually the same thing for a fraction of the price.

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