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Mens Swiftwater CrocsThe best shoes I ever had are on my feet right now. The mens Swiftwater Crocs have come in handy for me this summer in a way that was completely unexpected. When the summer began, I was simply looking to replace a pair of old, worn-out sandals. I was hoping to find something light and comfortable to walk in that could also be used for some light hiking. These mens Swiftwater Crocs fit the need in at least 2 of those 3 areas. Let me provide a summary of what makes these Swiftwater Crocs the best shoes I ever had. To make such high praise, I’d better be able to support it with some details and facts. So, here goes:

Mens Swiftwater Crocs

Comfort, Fit, and Size

First off, let me get right to that unexpected benefit I talked about above. I have not tried hiking in my Swiftwater Crocs yet, but that’s only because I re-fractured the middle toe on my right feet. No, this wasn’t because of the shoes, but because while carelessly walking around barefoot, I kicked a bed post. The Swiftwater Crocs were the only shoe I had that would fit over my swollen foot without adding pain and pressure to the swelling. I was able to go to Church on Sunday only because I had a shoe that would fit. So, while they have a very loose fit around the toes, they Best Shoes I ever Had

can be clasped very snugly around the ankles for support. I believe the Swiftwaters have that same appeal as other Crocs. They really do provide a very natural fitting for your foot. When choosing a pair of Croc Swiftwater shoes online you will not be able to choose a middle size. I normally wear size 8.5 men, but my only choices were either 8 or 9. I had to either risk buying them too small or too large. As it turns out, the shoes either way, give you some wriggle room. I started with the 9s which were on the large side, but still fit snuggly enough to walk comfortably in. I liked them so well that I decided to try the 8s. The 8s fit perfectly, but the 9s gave my ultra-swollen toe a little more breathing room as you can see in the photo to the right. A swollen, broken toe is hidden under the right shoe, but you wouldn’t know it because there is plenty of room in front to prevent the material from rubbing the tender skin. Though there is plenty of wiggle room the Swiftwaters still fit on the foot very snug.

Walking and Performance

The Swiftwaters are extremely light-weight and the sole provides excellent traction.  They feel as though they are hollow and perhaps they are. I could float in the pool with them on if I had a air-pillow underneath my head. They are buoyant! The Crocs have an adjustable Velcro strap which makes it very easy to get a perfect grip and fit. Though I haven’t been able to try them yet, I believe they will do very well as a light-weight, good-gripping, hiking shoe.


Best Shoes I ever Had

One, final benefit I can state about these shoes to support my lofty claim is that they really do look pretty nice. When I had to get dressed for Church on Sunday I did not have any shoes I could wear that would be comfortable on a broken toe, yet look half-way decent at the same time. I put on the espresso-colored Mens Swiftwater Crocs with a pair of black socks and matching slacks and they looked fine. Whenever I thought of Crocs Shoes I thought ugly, but you can wear the Swiftwaters comfortable just about anywhere and not feel out of place.


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