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Garage Parking AidA garage parking aid should be simple, cheap, and effective. I tried the tennis ball on a string method many, many times. Not only was it difficult to line-up at exactly the right spot, but it was constantly in the way whenever I pulled cars out to work in the garage for any number of reasons.  And, if I didn’t get it just right, I’d have to move the car away and do it all over again. A garage parking aid needs to be permanently installed yet out of the way when there are no cars in the garage. How difficult is that? The other day after one of my cars was parked too close to the refrigerator the idea of a virtual tennis ball came to me. Why not a laser light parking aid that works by an automatic sensor when the car is pulled into the garage? And why not a dual-sensor light for two cars? When I looked up my idea on Amazon, it didn’t surprise me to find 5 or 6 different garage parking aids that were all ready to purchase at very affordable prices. These virtual laser-light parking aids all have pretty good user ratings, various capabilities and features based on your specific needs, and they are ridiculously simple to install. 

MAXSA Park Right Laser Park

Affordable Garage Parking Aid

Laser Parking Aid
Car is a little too far right.

I chose the  MAXSA Park Right Garage Laser Park, Dual Lasers for Perfect Parking Silver 37312 for $27.87. The Maxsa garage parking aid has two automated laser sensors for two cars and operates via AC Adapter where a free power-outlet is located right next to my garage door opener. The benefit of this particular unit has exceeded my expectations. Initially, I was only thinking in terms of front and back of the car. You can also use the laser light as a guide for lining-up the left and right proximity of the car, to maximize your space opening the doors. So, the sensor-driven laser parking guide will help you guide your car front and back as well as left and right inside your garage. This completely takes the guess work out of parking.  When I first installed the MAXSA Parking aid, I lined the laser dot up so it would be perfectly centered when the car is parked in the perfect place. As picture shows, the VW pictured here could stand to be a couple of inches over to the left. 


Laser Garage Parking Aid
Car is parked just about right


The Honda CR-V pictured to the left is pretty close to being perfectly parked. A half inch or so to the left would place the laser dot just about exactly in the center. It is fun, but only slightly challenging to get the perfect parking spot in your garage. It also gives me something to brag about to my wife when I get it just right – and vice versa. The whole idea is really kind of fun. The only problem is that I have 3 cars in my garage. They sell another single-laser unit which I undoubtedly will be adding very soon: This one, here, for only $9.95 should do the trick: Single Car Garage Sensor Guide.




Garage Parking SensorFortunately, I have a spare outlet near my garage door opener where I needed to install the MAZSA garage parking aid. Don’t worry if you don’t have a spare outlet. It would be easy enough to drape and attach an extension cord along your ceiling. Laser garage parking assistance sounds like some type of high-zoot, cutting-edge, expensive technology, when in reality it’s nothing more than a simple and affordable solution to an everyday, common problem. So, if you’re not using a garage parking aid like the MAXSA, then what are you waiting for?

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