Dare Maple Creme Cookies

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If you like maple-flavored donuts, maple syrup on your pancakes, or the maple with anything, I can pretty much guarantee you will like
Dare Maple Creme cookies. A 10.6 oz box of these maple creme delights includes about 18 cookies.

Dare Maple CremeI was skeptical when my wife first brought home a box of these. I had not heard of the brand, Dare Foods before. The box advertises that that these cookies are made from real maple. Upon opening the box, my senses were immediately filled with the fresh aroma of real, maple syrup. These maple cream cookies really do taste fresh, from the cookie dough to the maple cream filling that is inside. I will not lie and try to tell you these are paleo friendly or make a healthy snack. The first ingredient is wheat and they are made with hydrogenated coconut oils, vegetable oils and high fructose corn syrup. See, the link to get the entire nutrition and ingredients: Dare Maple Creme Cookies.

I don’t know many people who expect cookies to be part of a nutritional diet, but look at this way: they are every bit as healthy as those popular girl scout cookies so many people buy in early winter. They taste so good that you will likely want to try the rest of the Dare Food cookies: Coconut Creme. Fudge Chocolate Creme, Dare Maple Creme, and Lemon Creme. I was immediately struck by the freshness of the cookie dough. They must be packaged meticulously to taste so fresh. If you cannot find Dare Maple Leaf Creme cookies, you will easily be able to purchase them from Amazon in a variety of package quantities.


I haven’t tried the other Dare cookie products, but I am sure they are likely to be just as fresh and good, though there is nothing quite like the taste of real maple syrup in your cookies.

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