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Old Spice Shaver

Old Spice ShaverThe Old Spice Shaver for men is an electric, cordless shaver made by Braun. In the last few years, I’ve feverishly searched for a cordless, electric razor that is versatile enough to trim both a short beard and also maintain a close shave. I’ve tried two other Wahl Razors and both of them conked out after a few months of use. Also, I didn’t care for the flimsy attachments that were a nuisance to take on and off.  What sold me on trying the Old Spice Shaver was the fact that it is advertised as both an electric razor for a close shave and also a beard trimmer. Surprisingly, it is not so easy to find a mens electric razor that does both and does them well. The problem with the numerous electric razors that I’ve looked at is that they require numerous attachments for trimming the beard which keeps a fairly good sized mess on your bathroom counter. When I looked at the Old Spice Shaver reviews on Amazon, I quickly saw that it comes with only two attachments.



How does the Old Spice Shaver Work Work as a Trimmer?

Three Attachments for Beard Trimming

Old Spice Shaver Trimming Attachment
Beard Attachment

The first attachment, pictured left simply slides over the razor head. The video demonstrates this better than the picture, but you will see that the razor slides up to the comb on the attachment. From there, there are three adjustable length settings. The very shortest length is what I use which keeps my beard just a tad longer than the stubble look. One of the drawbacks to this attachment is that it’s large, cumbersome size makes it hard to reach tight places such as under the nose. To help, the electric base comes with a reverse-able trimmer with a smaller footprint that can be used without the attachment for finer, detail-trimming.  See picture.

Braun Electric Razor
Fine-Grooming Attachment

This small footprint trimmer also comes with a plastic attachment, but the length is fixed and cannot be adjusted. Finally, the Old Spice Shaver comes with a fixed-length, transparent attachment for beard trimming. See picture 3. With some care and skill, this fixed attachment can be used with the adjustable beard trimmer to maintain your desired length. Otherwise, it can simply be used as a quick way for daily trimming of the beard. As a beard trimmer, the Old Spice Shaver does the job, but is rather limited as far as length adjustments. However, I do give the shaver high-marks for convenience and ease of operation. The attachments are far easier to remove and replace than any of my other Wahl trimmers that I’ve used in the past. They are well designed and feel sturdy and durable.

Braun Electric Razor Fixed Bear
Fixed Beard Attachment


How does the Old Spice Shaver work as a Face Shaver?

Because not all men’s faces and facial hair are alike, I cannot speak for everybody, but the Old Spice Shaver does an excellent job for me in keeping a clean, close shave. I am able to shave the unbearded portions of my face, neck, and ears in less than 2-3 minutes. It takes very little effort to remove facial stubble. I get the best results by using a very light touch. The grill of the razor is very easy to remove and clean.

I rate the Old Spice Shaver only four stars due to the lack of versatility with attachments and the cumbersome size of the beard trimmer. The 2nd, smaller trimmer which works with the reversible swivel is an ingenious idea and removes the need for unnecessary attachments. Still, I wish Braun had put more thought into flexibility, sleekness, and versatility with attachments and sizes. Overall, the Old Spice Shaver is a very good cordless electric razor and beard trimmer. Unfortunately, it is one of the few multi-purpose men’s facial grooming products you can buy. There are certainly better, more expensive mens electric razors/groomers on the market than this particular Old Spice Braun unit, but according to the reviews on Amazon spending more doesn’t always get you something better.

Video Overview Braun Electric Razor by Old Spice

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