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Dell Inspiron 15
Dell Inspiron 15 Model 7579

The Dell Inspiron 15, model 7579 is a is a well-made, 15.6″ laptop. I purchased this to replace the old, Core-2 Duo, 15″ Laptop that I use for business in my classroom at school. Microsoft, in their infamous ways really knows how to bring old hardware down to its knees, make it outdated, and force you to buy something new whether you once believed you ever needed to or not. My old laptop ran just fine until the nagging Windows-10 update finally got the best of it and upgraded it without me ever agreeing to it. Over time, the massive number of Windows-10 upgrades slowed the machine down to the point I could barely use it anyore. This new, 15.6″ Dell Laptop is not only much faster, but makes the laptop more useful in a number of different ways. Before I get to the pros and cons, let me just give you a brief run-down of the hardware specifics on the Dell Inspiron 15-7579, Laptop and a very non-technical explanation of what they do for you: 15.6″ Full HD Touch Screen: The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 which not only gives you full 1080P HED, but nice, tight, crisp text to work with for everyday tasks. In a word the screen looks, beautiful compared to the 1280 x 800 I had been using.

  • 7th Gen Intel Core i5-7200u Processor: This is the latest generation i5 processor and runs at 2.5 gigahertz. Intel claims that the processor is about 10-12 % faster than the previous 6th-Gen processor. However, the rub on this is there are not really any major architectural advances, simply a clocked-up processor speed, so decreased battery life and heat could be an issue. So far, I haven’t experienced this, the battery runs for about 6 hours which is pretty good for a laptop this size. As far as I’m concerned, it’s very fast, cool, and energy efficient.
  • Intel HD Graphics 620: Like the 7th gen processor, there are no major technical advances in the 620 graphics over the previous 520 generation. Still, the benchmarks I’ve read indicate that it is up to 27% faster on video intensive games. This should also provide smoother, HD video. All I know is that it is plenty fast enough for anything I’ve used or plan on using yet.
  • 8GB System Memory: Uses one module, so you can easily upgrade to 16GB by adding a 2nd one for around $50.00. Since the graphics card borrows from main system memory, adding an 8GB module might be a worthwhile upgrade.
  • 256GB Solid State Drive: Solid State drives make all the performance difference in the world, especially booting-up and shutting-down. With affordable cloud-based storage, there is really no need for me to have the larger and sloer 1TB drives being offered in other models. Opt for the solid state drive if you care about performance and battery life.
  • 360 Degree Fold-and-Flip design. Can be used as a tablet. Even at 5 pounds,  the new Dell Inspiron 15 makes a very useful tablet. When folded all the way, it sits very nicely on the lap while you’re on your couch. The touch screen is very responsive and easy to navigate.
  • Weight and size: 4.83lbs and 0.7″ Thin
  • Backlit Keyboard: Love having the keys light up. Also, it it is a chiclet-style keyboard which means the keys protrude in an easy-to-access, attractive way.
  • Built in Camera: I believe all laptops still have them these days. The camera appears to be fairly good quality. So far, I’ve only really used it to recognize me and log me into Windows, which by the way, is kind of a nice feature.
  • SD Slot: This is a bonus. Not all laptops have them anymore.
  • Bluetooth Interface: Handy for syncing with iPhones and other devices.
  • Ports: 1 HDMI, 3 USB, and Microphone. You can use the USB Ports to connect external monitors. You should be able to connect 3 displays to this laptop with the right cables and adapters.

Pros and Cons of the Dell Inspiron 15 – Model 7579


  • Low price. Less than half the price of a Mac, 15.6″ with the older 6200 generation of the Intel Core i5 Processor. Believe me,  as badly as Microsoft’s bloated operating system has annoyed me, I seriously considered a Mac Book. At less than half the price, it just didn’t make good sense. This unit is so fast that it has solved any of the slow-down issues of the Windows 10 O.S and actually makes some of its new features quite useful. I pad $599.00 for this unit at Best Buy. I must have gotten it at the right time. it is now selling for $799.00. Still, at $800 it beats the Mac by several hundred dollars.
  • Very attractive, thin, well-made unit. This unit looks and feels as though it was made by Apple. In fact it measures just .70″ thin which is .01″ thinner than the latest Macbook Pro.
  • Fast: I really appreciate the quick boot times. Almost as fast as turning on an iPad. Have not had to wait on any app or several running at the same time. It performs as fast as I could possibly imagine given the applications I will use it for.
  • Not much Dell bloatware: I spent about 5 minutes uninstalling some Dell junk that I did not need. That is a huge improvement over the last few laptops I’ve taken out of the box.
  • Battery Life: I have used the laptop for over 3 hours performing various tasks; email, browsing, You Tube, and Facebook and still had over 50% battery life. This seems very reasonable for a 15.6″ laptop.
  • Tablet and Touch Screen: Don’t underestimate how useful it is to use a 15.6″ laptop as a tablet. In some ways, I find it easier to use than holding up the small iPad that I have for reading.


  • Mushy-feel to keyboard keys: This is not a big complaint. I have yet to feel keys on a laptop keyboard that were lightening-fast responsive with a solid, heavy touch. I think this is what most fast types prefers. Not a deal-breaker. My desktop keyboard is not much better. Apple keyboards are probably the best in this category.
  • Stupid placement of power button: The geniuses at Dell had the great idea that they should put the power button in a convenient, easy-to-reach place; the bottom right corner. Unfortunately, none of these very same geniuses at Dell had the foresight to realize that the easy-to-access, power button would make it extremely easy to unintentionally power-off the laptop every time you pick-it up or move it on your lap or desk. This, too, is not a deal-breaker, but probably prevents me from giving it a 4.5 stars instead of 4.25.

Dell Inspiron 7579 Power Button

Dell Inspiron 1579 Conclusion

The bottom line is that I love this laptop and cannot wait to start using it for school. I will probably have to get an additional AC adapter for it, as I am pretty sure I will be wanting to take it home with me to use as a tablet. If I had to buy another laptop all over again, the Dell Inspiron 15 – 7579 is still the one I would buy.



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