Shark Rocket Professional Makes it Fun to Clean Carpet

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Shark Rocket Professional
Shark Rocket Professional

The Shark Rocket Professional Performance Plus replaced our old, ‘beat-up, falling-apart’ Dyson DC14 Animal Vacuum. About eight years ago, we paid around $500.00 for the Dyson after being told these were the best vacuum cleaners money can buy, hands-down. The Dyson was okay, but not once, not even right-out-of-the-box,  was I ever wowed by its features and performance. On the other hand, we paid only $179.00 for the Shark Vacuum  vacuum cleaner. At less than half the price, the Shark Rocket has already left a much more favorable, initial impression on me than the previous, Dyson Vacuum Website. Here are some of the things that stand-out about this new vacuum cleaner, and how it compares to the Dyson.

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Shark Rocket Professional

Suction, Power, and Performance

The first time I powered-on the Shark Rocket Professional, it had noticeably more power than my old, Dyson DC14 Full Kit, reviewed here.  The brushes on the Sharp Rocket really dig into the carpet. In fact, the brush rollers are so strong that they practically propel the entire vacuum unit along the carpet by itself. After vacuuming our entire, my wife took the Shark Rocket over to my parent’s house to demonstrate. The carpeting of both houses look significantly better than they ever did with the Dyson. The Shark Rocket Professional advertises that it has more suction than the latest Dyson DC50 vacuum. The results leave little doubt in my mind that this is true.

Features and Operation

Lightweight Sleek Swivel Performance

The Shark Rocket Professional is only 14lbs. The low, sleek swivel-based vacuum head makes it a breeze to vacuum underneath beds, sofas, chairs, and other furniture. The vacuum head includes nice bright, LED lights so you can see what you are doing as you clean up under those dark pieces of furniture. As I wheeled the Shark Rocket around our living room for a while, I immediately noticed that less effort is required of my back and legs.

Construction and Assembly

While it is light-weight, the workmanship and fit of the Shark’s plastic parts seem to be very well-made. Everything snaps together easily and is quite intuitive to use and set-up, even for the very first time. One of our biggest problems with the Dyson DC14 was that the plastic parts broke way too easily. Eventually, the Dyson was no longer even usable which resulted in the purchase of the new Shark Pro. Because the plastic pieces snap in and out of their proper places so easily, I have to believe the Shark is going to last us for a long time.

Convenience and Other Features

Unlike the Dyson DC14, which forced you reach down to the floor to switch between carpet and hardwood, the Shark Rocket Pro has a waist-high button for easily toggling the carpet brushes on and off. The other great convenience about the Shark is that the hand-vac tools are can be easily detached in three ways with the touch of one or more release buttons: One: with extension wand, Two: without extension wand, and Three: Vacuum unit can be detached from its base vacuum head making it easy to maneuver the stairs. The Shark Rocket comes with a crevice tool equipped with LED lights for getting into those dark nooks and crannies. Also included, is a soft brush and powerful, rotating brush for animal fur.  Using the tools on the Shark Rocket Professional is like a dream come true, compared to my old Dyson.

HEPA Filter and Seal

My Shark Rocket Pro vacuum uses a HEPA filter system with bag-less cannister which  keeps irritating allergens from being dispersed throughout the house while vacuuming.  Both the box and various infomercials boast that the canister has a much better seal than competing brands.

Disadvantages of the Shark Rocket Professional

No product is perfect, but if I had to be picky, I must point-out that due to its small size, the Shark vacuum canister needs to be emptied far more often than larger vacuum cleaners. I had to empty mine 3 times before completing the job on our 2,600 square foot house. This is merely one of the less-desired trade-offs for having such a sleek, small, and light-weight vacuum. The upside of this is that the bag-less container is extremely easy to remove and dispense. The other positive trade-off was that I enjoyed seeing how much more debris and dust the new vacuum cleaner was getting out of my carpet.

Highly Recommend

Overall, I have never been more impressed with any type of household appliance than with the Shark Rocket Professional vacuum cleaner.

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