Oral B Professional Care 2000 Removes 5x More Plaque

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Oral B Professional Care 2000
Oral B Professional Care 2000



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Oral B Professional Care 2000 is a dual-handle, rechargeable, electrical toothbrush designed to remove more plaque, and polish teeth significantly better than the hand-brush method. On the box, the claim is printed that the Oral B 2000 will remove up to 5x or 400% more plaque along your gum-line than the conventional toothbrushing method. Having personally used the Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes for a few days now, that claim is very believable.

Oral B Professional Care 2000


The latest Oral-B is nothing like your father’s electric toothbrush that merely vibrated quickly against your teeth. I was very skeptical about investing in an electrical toothbrush based on my past experiences with them generations ago. I was pleasantly surprised. The Oral B Professional Care 2000 brush oscillates, rotates, and pulsates at a surprisingly high and powerful RPM. Because the rotating brush is so powerful, it allows you to get to the back and inside of your teeth and gums effortlessly. The power of this toothbrush feels very similar to the polishing equipment used during teeth-cleaning visit to your dentist. I am apt to believe the claim this unit removes up to 5x more plaque. I can feel the difference around my teeth and gums. After one, single-use, I felt as though I had just been to the dentist for a complete teeth-cleaning.

Features of the Oral B Professional Care 2000 Model

Oral B Removes Plaque
Removes Plaque

There are a number of different rechargeable electric tooth brushes made by Oral-B. Here are what I consider to be the most note-worthy features of the Oral B Professional Care 2000. This unit comes with two, complete electric toothbrush units. Perfect for my wife and I. Each unit comes with its own charger and a handy case for taking it with you on your travels. The toothbrush operates at two speeds: Daily Cleaning and Sensitive model. If your attempt to brush with too much pressure, the red light on the unit will warn you. Also, a notification vibration occurs every 30 seconds to let you know how long you have been brushing your teeth. Oral-B refers to this as 3D Brushing operation: Oscillation, Rotation, and Pulsation. The Oral B Professional Care 2000 dual units are not pre-charged. The instruction manual advertises that it requires about 22 hours for a full-charge. That claim turned-out to be very accurate. Once fully charged, the brushes should give you up to 7 days of brushing before needing a re-charge. I keep mine in its charging station at all times. Next time I go on a trip, I will have a chance to test the 7-day claim.


1000% Better than Old-Fashioned Hand Teethbrushing

I will admit that I am the perfect customer for a modern, electric toothbrushing system. I keep very good care of my teeth by flossing and brushing twice a day, but I don’t follow the recommended twice a year visits to my dentist. I realize I am playing dice by not having a private Dental insurance plan,  but the free bi-yearly teeth cleanings and checkups is not enough reason to make me sign-up. My teeth have been cavity-free for many, many years, but probably not as clean as they could be. My big clumsy fingers are simply not capable of getting behind the teeth and along the gum-lines to remove plaque like they should. If nothing else, the $100 investment in the Oral B 2000 Professional Care somewhat justifies my infrequent trips to the dentist until I finally succumb to an expensive crown or some other outrageously expensive dental work. Meanwhile, I have a toothbrush system that competes with the services of a highly-trained dental hygienist.

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