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Ninja Express after Three Years

Product Update

After a little over three years of use the Ninja Express chopper continues to be the biggest blessing in our kitchen. I have used it countless times to blend eggs, mince vegetables, and various other tasks. The machine continues to operate flawlessly with no visible signs of wear and tear on the blades. The inside of the plastic container did get a little nicked up from when we put some really hard nuts in it, but other than marring the appearance a bit, it hasn’t affected the operation and performance of the chopper. The ninja express chopper is by far the most valuable and inexpensive kitchen tool I’ve ever purchased.


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Ninja Express ChopThe Ninja Express Chop is one of the most useful, electric kitchen appliances we’ve ever bought for our home. My wife actually bought this for me, but so far has has used it everyday, herself, for chopping vegetables and fruits. I spend a great deal of time hand-beating, scrambled eggs in the morning. I like to create as small a mess as possible, so I normally use a large glass and a fork or serrated knife to mix the eggs. This takes time and is hard on the right shoulder that I injured a few months ago. While the Ninja makes quick, easy, mess-free work out of eggs, this amazing express chopper does so much more. During the summer months, when we have an abundance of garden vegetables, peppers and fruits littering our kitchen counters, the Ninja Express Chop is practically begging to be used on a daily basis. The Ninja is actually a review I am excited to talk about and review in-depth. Below, you will find a detailed overview on the Uses, Operation, Performance, Convenience, pros and cons, and final conclusions on the Ninja chopping appliance. Also, I have included a real-life demonstration of the Ninja Express Chop in use. Enjoy the review and please leave me your comments.

Ninja Express Chop


Ninja-Chopper-UsesThe opportunities to effortlessly chop food things up are endless: Salsa, Pico De Gallo, fruit smoothies, coffee beans, nuts, beans, herbs, spices, sauces, gravies, eggs, and every other type of food known to man. My wife, who tends the garden and cares for the vegetables was using the Ninja far more frequently than me. Once I got my hands on it, though, it became a regular part of my routine for making omelettes.  A lot of times I didn’t get as creative and healthy with omelettes as I should have, simply because I didn’t want to go through the trouble of chopping things up. Now, the Ninja chopper sits on my counter and practically dares me to look for some peppers, onions and other vegetables to chop up and add to my eggs in the morning. It wasn’t til I actually experienced the Ninja that I fully appreciated the way it works. 


The Ninja Express Chop consists of only four parts: A 16 ounce container, a dual blade, a lid, and an electric motor.  Putting the parts together is extremely quick and intuitive. If you forget to put the lid on, however, you’ll get the bottom end of the motor housing a little bit messy with the ingredients you are trying to chop, mince or puree. I did this on my very first try simply because the lid was in our sink basket drying and I didn’t realize it was one of the four required parts of the unit. This was no big deal. The motor is well shielded from getting any debris in it. Only the plastic gear socket that fits into the blade is exposed to liquids and foods. There is really no way of damaging the Ninja Express.  To get the Ninja ready for operation, place the blade in the bottom of the 16 ounce mixing container, put the lid on the container with the middle hole open, and then place the motor on top of the container through the open hole. Next, simply plug in the Ninja. Power it on simply by pushing the top of the motor.


One day, I was about to crack a few eggs into my mixing jar, I spotted the cute little Ninja Chopper sitting on the counter. What a pleasant reminder. Here, was my big opportunity to put the Ninja to work on a very easy task: beating eggs.  I instantly learned that the Ninja purees eggs in a heart beat. Truthfully, the Ninja will beat four or five eggs into a fine liquid in less than ten seconds. The relatively loud noise of the powerful 200 watt motor leaves little doubt that the Ninja will effortlessly pulverize just about anything you put inside of it. The longer you hold onto the button, the more finely minced and pureed your ingredients become. It takes a little bit of experience to learn how long to chop certain things. With salsa for instance, depending on how pure or thick you want your salsa, you’ll want to start slow. I would recommend 3 seconds to start, then 5, then 7, etc., etc. The dual-blade of the Ninja is extremely strong and sharp. You will have no problem chopping even really hard veggies like raw potatoes. While, the loud sound of the powerful motor might seem like a drawback, the upside is that you won’t have to have it on very long to get the job done. The Ninja Express Chop costs the fraction of a Kitchenaid food processor, but probably does 90% of the jobs you would need a more powerful food processor for.


Assembly, ease-of-use and cleaning are probably the keys to what makes the Ninja Express Chop an outstanding kitchen appliance. It literally takes me no more time to take apart the four pieces and wash them than it would a regular mixing glass and fork. The Ninja express is dishwasher safe, but I don’t see us every putting it in the dish washer. We like to have it ready to use at all times. The only occasion when I might not have a clean Ninja ready to use is when I’ve mixed an omelette to have ready to make early the next morning. The design is brilliant. Let’s face it, the reason most of these electric appliances end up collecting dust is because they are too much trouble to use and clean. The Ninja is quick and convenient.

Pros and Cons of the Ninja Express


  1. Fast
  2. Powerful
  3. Convenient
  4. Easy-to-Use
  5. Easy-to-Clean
  6. Versatile


  1. A bit loud in the kitchen
  2. That’s it.


The Ninja Express Chop is convenient, fast, powerful, easy-to-use and clean, and very versatile. If I was forced to give a rating on this product, I would give it 9.5 out of 10 stars. Not many products get this kind of glowing rating on this site. You can always tell when a product deserves an excellent rating by how it makes improvements in your daily routine. Thanks to the Ninja Express Chop, omelettes and other recipes will become healthier and tastier in our home.

Ninja Express Chop Video Demonstration

Probably the most surprising part of this video is the length of time it took to get the omelette ready. Truth be told, my wife probably could have held on to the power button a couple of seconds longer. But, as you can see, the Ninja Express Chop takes very little time to do its job and you can find it at Home Depot for $20.00.

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