Hamilton Beach Brewstation Makes 12-Cups without a Pot

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Hamilton Beach Brewstation 
Review: Is this a better way to make a pot of coffee?

Hamilton Beach Brewstation

The Hamilton Beach  Brewstation makes a very powerful argument against the every day use of single-cup coffee makers like the Keurig.  Not too long ago, I began to feel that the convenience of the single cup Keurig coffee brewer topped my reasons to ever buy another coffee maker.  I even wrote articles about how coffee is enjoyed one cup at a time, not one pot at a time. Why deal with messy coffee grounds and coffee that sits in a pot and gets old and tastes burnt? On the other hand, single cup coffee makers give you only one cup at a time. Would if you want just a little bit more, but don’t want to waste $.40 to $.87 cents on that second full cup? Perhaps, when you consider the the limitations of single cup coffee makers, they aren’t so convenient, after all. Does life really happen one cup at a time? Would if you want just a little more or a little less and don’t want to pay for the entire cup? And, why does it have to sit in a pot and get old? Why can’t we have the best of both worlds?

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Brewstation

Is it a  Single Cup Coffee Maker or a Coffee Pot Brewer?

The Hamiton Beach 12-Cup Brewstation is neither a single pot or single-cup coffee maker. It brews coffee into a holding tank that can be dispensed into your cup when, as often, and in the quantities you like. The Hamltion Beach Brewstation keeps the coffee fresher because there is no carafe or coffee pot sitting on a hot plate to burn it and make it taste bitter. I discovered the Brewstation at a condo I stayed at for the weekend in Copper Mountain, Colorado. I became intrigued with the Brewstation’s simplicity and flexibility. I could sip as much coffee as I wanted without being in a hurry and didn’t have to worry about the costs of cracking open another k-cup or two. So, how do you make coffee in this thing?

How to Make Coffee with a Hamilton Beach Brewstation

Making coffee with the Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker is similar to making coffee with traditional, drip-brew coffee makers, but with one major exception: There is no carafe or coffee pot. The brewstation has a 12-cup reservoir to store the coffee. But, here’s what makes the Brewstation such a cool idea: It’s extremely simple to use and keep clean. The Brewstation’s 12-cup dispensing reservoir takes the place of a coffee pot. It can be removed from the base and placed under the faucet for filling. Likewise, the reservoir can be placed back under the faucet and rinsed out in the sink when your’e through with it. The easily, removable coffee basket fits neatly on top of the dispensing reservoir and is equally easy to fill or clean. The brewstation will tempt just about any single-cup coffee lover to reconsider the inconveniences of coffee grounds, but how good is the coffee?

How Good is Brewstation Coffee?

In a perfect world, the coffee from a Brewstation would be just as hot and good as the Keurig. Unfortunately, the temperature is not as hot and I’m still undecided about the quality of the coffee. Until I’ve had the chance to try a few different coffee varieties and quantities, I remain undecided on how good the coffee tastes. One thing for sure, is that the coffee is not quite as hot. What I do like, however, is that the coffee stays relatively hot and maintains its freshness much better than a traditional coffee pot brewer. The Keurig and my French Press coffee maker are always near by, in case I’m not satisfied with the flavor or heat of the coffee. I love the convenience of the Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Brewstation and will use it leisurely at home when I’m certain to want to keep dipping into the coffee throughout the day without putting limits on myself. Like all coffee makers, the Brewstation came with an awful plastic odor and taste. I found a very effective solution to this problem? How to get the Plastic Taste out of Your Coffee Maker.

The Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Brewstation has a clock and programmable timer. There is also a setting for choosing between Bold, 2-4 Cups or Normal coffee. So far, this coffee maker has earned a permanent place in my kitchen. I will continue buying coffee for it and using it for its convenience and flexibility. From what I can tell so far, the quality of the coffee is pretty good; just needs to be a little hotter. The Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Brewstation is the fraction of the cost of a Keurig and will also save you a great deal of money on coffee.

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