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Friendly Swede iPad Stylus
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Friendly Swede iPad StylusThe Friendly Swede has really outdone himself with this 6-piece set of stylish, good-looking iPad / iPhone Stylus Pens. The Friendly Swede iPad Stylus comes in a colorful set of six. Many apps on tablets and smartphones simply work better with a stylus. The other day, I was at my local, OfficeMax store where I noticed they sold iPad Stylus pens for $19.95 each. This seemed rather expensive to me, even though I had never really bought or shopped for a stylus pen before. I decided to see if I could find something cheaper online and boy was I pleasantly surprised when I came across a 6-piece set of stylus pens from, The Friendly Swede. Until you’ve tried these stylish looking stylus pens, you’ll never know whether or not $9 bucks will get you something worthwhile. I decided to give them a try.

The Friendly Swede iPad Stylus

6-Piece Stylus Pens

I ordered this 6-piece style pen set from Amazon for just $8.99. These pens came to me with free shipping since I ordered another item and my total order with Amazon topped $50.00. For $9.00, I figured the pens must be pretty cheap, but as long as they worked I was okay taking a risk. Thanks to a big snow storm in Philadelphia my entire order was delayed by about 6 days, but that’s certainly not the fault of Amazon or the Friendly Swede. When I opened the small package of the 6 stylus pens, I was rather surprised by the professional appearance and packaging. These stylus pens even come with a connector and string that ties the pen into your headphone port to keep it attached to your device, as well as a micro-fiber cleaning cloth which does an excellent job removing smudges from your screen. The most surprising part about the 6-piece stylus set, however, is the quality and workmanship of the pens. These are very attractive pens that are very well made, weighted just right and feel really good in your hands. ¬†They come in a set with 6 different colors: Blue, light blue, green, pink and purple. They look great, but, how well does the stylus work on my iPhone and iPad?

Operation of The Friendly Swede Stylus

Being that I have never used any other stylus before, I really don’t have anything to compare The Friendly Swede to. However, I was so impressed with how well these pens work, I will never go back to using my smudgy fingers again. These stylus pens are a universal capacitive touch screen stylus and they work flawlessly on either my iPhone or iPad. I have found using the stylus to be much more accurate, faster and smoother than using the fingers. I highly recommend The Friendly Swede. Get a 6-pack of these stylus pens today and you can give them as Christmas presents as a set or even individually for friends as stocking stuffers and/or as combinations with other gift ideas. The Friendly Swede has won my respect with these great-looking, precision, high quality iPad / iPhone stylus pens.

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