Garland Jacks Barbecue Sauce

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Garland Jacks Barbecue Sauce

While the best barbecue sauce may be strictly a matter of opinion, you can’t go wrong with Garland Jacks Secret Six. I realize that everyone has their own opinions when it comes to how barbecue should be prepared, so don’t

Best Barbecue Sauce is Garland Jacks

expect us all to agree on the best barbecue sauce. In the south, they practically go to war over who makes the best barbecue ribs. If you tell someone from Kansas City that they make good barbecue in the south, you are likely to get skewered in their smoke pit. Let’s face it, people get very heated when it comes to their opinions about best barbecue.

Rating the Best Barbecue Sauce

In my opinion, the best barbecue sauce is one that doesn’t overshadow the quality of the meat. The sauce should be thick, a little sweet and smoky, but not too rich, hot, tangy or spicy. If you like your barebecue sauce super, spicy-hot, then add some Habanero, jalapenos, Tabasco or Sriracha. Not everyone likes spicy barbecue sauce. Unless you’re cooking for just yourself, why not leave some room for tweaking it and heating it up for those who do? My wife brought home a bottle of Garland Jacks Secret Six barbecue sauce and here is what I thought about it:

Garland Jacks Secret Six Original Barbecue Sauce Taste Review

How do you find the best barbecue sauce in the world? You have to try them all! The first thing that stands out about Garland Jacks is that it has a very thick texture. The second thing I noticed about this barbecue sauce is its smoky aroma. The sauce smells smoky from the start and pours on very thick. This means that Garland Jacks is a great sauce to use for marinating ribs or barbecue beef at the very last minute when it doesn’t have time to thicken from the heat of the fire.  I really liked the taste of Garland Jacks Original recipe. In fact, I’d pass up a bottle of ketchup every time for this stuff. It’s great on french fries, hamburgers, barbecue ribs, pork, beef or anything else you can get your hands on.

What’s not to like about Garland Jacks Barbecue Sauce?

I was alarmed to read on the back of the bottle that ‘sugar’ is the number one ingredient. How can the best barbecue sauce be made with such an unhealthy foundation? If the fact that sugar tops the ingredients doesn’t bother you, I’m sure you’ll agree on the great test of Garland Jacks Barbecue Sauce. Besides, it’s not like we’re going to eat barbecue every day, is it? Garland Jacks might not be the best barbecue sauce in the world, but the taste of it causes one to seriously reconsider how much sugar should be in our daily diet.

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