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Stirrings Margarita Mix - (For Real Stirrings Triple Sec, see Review Below) $15.00
  • Stirrings Marg Mix - 88%
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No High Fructose Corn Syrup
Alcohol Free Triple Sec
Made with Real Lime Juice


A little Pricey

Best Triple SecThe best triple sec is one that doesn’t cost a fortune and won’t ruin a good margarita. So, where can you get a great bottle of triple sec that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Triple sec is basically an orange liqueur which is often a popular compliment to margaritas.   Unfortunately, many of the cheap brands of triple sec I’ve tried do more damage to margaritas than good. Gran Marnier  and Contreau are costlier liqueurs. I’ve never cared for the flavor of Gran Marnier in Margaritas. I think it makes them taste soapy which coincidentally is the same problem with cheaper brands of triple sec. Contreau is a great liqueur which compliments almost any mixed drink, but who can afford it? Surely, there must be a good compromise when it comes to finding a better Triple Sec, right?

Don’t Ruin a Good Marg with a Cheap Triple Sec

I’ve experimented with inexpensive brands of triple sec such as Hiram’s, Finest Call and DeKuyper, but none of them help make a better margarita. In fact they make it worse. I kept wondering why I couldn’t get a good marg even with a good quality, 100% blue agave tequila.  I don’t actually believe in using expensive brands of liquor like tequila for mixed drinks, but there are several good ones that don’t cost an arm and a leg that make infinitely better tasting margaritas. For that reason, I was determined to find the best triple sec at an affordable price.

Stirrings Triple Sec – All Natural

When it comes to getting the most-bang-for-the-buck, Stirrings is the best triple sec I’ve ever tried. Actually what makes Stirrings better is that it has less – less of what makes those cheaper triple sec brands so unappealing. As it’s label implies, Stirrings is all-natural. There is none of that soapy taste that I’ve noticed with cheaper brands. Stirrings is a 100% natural triple sec made from sun-ripened oranges. The moment I opened the bottle,  I could tell Stirrings was far superior to the cheaper brands.

The Qualities of the Best Triple Sec

The aroma of Stirrings is reminiscent of a very crisp and fresh orange peel, with no hint of the sudsiness that has ruined plenty of good tequila drinks. Stirrings smells and tastes much more similar to Contreau than it does a cheap triple sec. I paid just $9.95 for a 750ml bottle of Stirrings at my local Westminster Total Beverage Liquor store. This is only about $3-$4 less than DeKuyper, Hiram Walker and Finest Call and a good $20 less than Contreau. Add a splash of Stirrings along with a fresh squeezed lime and a good, bargain-priced, 100% Agave Tequila like El Charro, and you will be enjoying a delicious Margarita.

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