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El Charro TequilaEl Charro Tequila is an extremely affordable Reposado made from 100% agave nectar. I don’t know about you, but when I find a 750 ML bottle of 100% Agava tequila for under $15.00, I buy it right off the shelf with no questions asked. The El Charro Reposado was only $13.98 at my local, Westminster Total Beverage Liquor store, which is a fabulous place, by the way, for discovering affordable brands of tequila. There were a couple of other choices I considered before I spotted the El Charro tequila which was labeled, 100% PURO DE AGAVE.  One of them happened to be my wife’s previous favorite tequila, Epsolon. Epsolon Reposado tequila normally sells for around $20.00, but it was only $17.98 at Westminster Beverage and the shelf was adorned with a very impressive rating of 92 points. I agree with my wife that Epsolon is a decent Tequila for the price, but I’m not sure I agree with the expert rating. Perhaps, it is good marketing and public relations to get these ratings from the so-called tequila snobs.

The shelf holding the El Charro Tequila came with no such rating label, but at $14.00, there is very little risk in trying it. Many times before, I’ve bought inexpensive, 100% Pure Agave tequila and have been very impressed with it. Tres Alegres Blanco and Rancho Alegre (both Silver and Reposado) are a couple of great bargain-priced tequilas that come to mind. These tequilas became a couple of my staple brands for making margaritas. Only two problems: The liquor store stopped carrying the Tres Alegres and I’ve been able to find it elsewhere at an equally low price. And, the Rancho Allegre gave me a headache for some odd reason.  So far, no signs of a headache from El Charro, but is it any good?
The fact that I am thoroughly enjoying sipping on a neat shot of El Charro Reposado at 10:30 in the morning so I can write about it should be all you need to know. Uncorking the bottle reveals the buttery and sherry like aroma of much more expensive brands of tequila such as Don Julio. There is little to no nasal burn from the alcohol. Sipping the El Charro reveals authentic tones of agave and black pepper. The front is slightly hot, but rounds off nicely in your mouth with little to no burn going down the esophagus. I dearly hope Westminster Total Beverage continues to carry this one. It is good enough that I would be willing to stop by and buy a few more bottles to keep on hand. By the way, after a blind taste test, my wife significantly favored the El Charro over her previous favorite, Espolon. Whether it is sipped straight, enjoyed with fresh squeezed limes or used in a margarita, El Charro tequila can be drank at all times with no guilt attached.

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