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Inka Corn
– A Corny Review

Original Inka CornCorn Nuts. People either love ’em or they hate ’em. I know people who say they cannot even stand the smell of corn nuts and loathe to even have someone in their near vicinity crunching on them. Personally, I love them. I enjoy the oil, crunch and salt.  Inka Corn is different.  Manufactured by Inka Crops S.A. in Lima, Peru, original Inka Corn is a similar snack with an appreciably different texture and size. As with most things I buy on impulse, I spotted a 4-oz bag at Vitamin Cottage as I was at the cash register. Still feeling hungry after a light lunch, I decided to give these healthy snacks a try.

Inka Corn Compared to Corn Nuts

Like Corn Nuts, but  Lighter, Bigger and Less Salty

I didn’t know if it was because I was hungry or if they really are delicious, but I devoured half the bag as I was driving in the car. Each Inka kernel is about 50% larger than the Corn Nuts brand corn. They are less salty and not as oily. Being that I love the oily, saltiness of corn nuts, I didn’t think I liked the Inka as well at first, but gradually came around to truly enjoying them. There seems to be just enough salt and the oil is enough without being overpowering. Perhaps my favorite part about the Inca Corn is the freshness and light crunch. They are not nearly as hard on your teeth as corn nuts and they are big enough that you can enjoy the light-texture as they gently explode in your mouth.


Inka corn appears to be a healthier snack than corn nuts. There are three and only three ingredients: Corn, palm olein and sea salt. Fabulous. Palm olein is the liquid form of palm oil, which many consider to be very healthy. High in saturated fat, palm oil is an excellent alternative to canola, soy and hydrogenated oils. The American Palm Oil council claims it is full of antioxidants. From my own personal experience, it is much tastier than other oils. Inka comes in a variety of flavors: Inka Flavors. If you enjoy eating Inca Corn as much as I did, you can feel good about the ingredients and nutrition and decide to never go back to corn nuts.
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Where to Buy Them

Health food stores nearly always carry Inka Corn.

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