Gas Grill Rotisserie

Gas Grill RotisserieA gas grill rotisserie has been on my wish list for a long time – too long as it turns out. The first time I attempted to cook a large pot roast on the gas grill without a rotisserie, it didn’t come out so well. Parts of the roast were tough and over-charred while other parts were extremely rare. A whole chicken is extremely difficult to cook on a gas grill. Chickens are very juicy with delicate skin on the outside which is very easy to burn. Black, burnt chicken skin doesn’t taste so good. I was able to get better at roasting large meats on the gas grill, by charring them for the first 15 minutes then turning off 1 or two burns and cooking slowing on the high rack with indirect heat. It works okay, but is still not very convenient. I’ve known for a long time that they make universal grill spits (rotisseries), but for $75.00 to $100.00, I was in no hurry to actually try one. That is, until Walmart came to the rescue.
I foundĀ thisĀ grill rotisserie at Walmart for just $25.00, about 1/3rd the price of the advertised Weber grill rotisserie specials I’ve seen advertised online. The truth is, this one looks like the very same gas grill rotisserie at a fraction of the price. For only $25.00 I was a little skeptical of the quality, but figured the risk at that price is very little.

A Gas Grill Rotisserie Makes a Perfect Roast

What’s in the Box?

The Electric Rotisserie unit consists of six parts and could not possibly be easier to install and use. There is a left and right bracket which installs on your grill. There is an electric motor with cord; two long rods which screw together for the spit; two forked prongs for holding the meat together and and a screw-on sleeve for holding it into proper place on the grill. Plug the unit into a three-pronged 110v electrical socket, insert spit through meat, then inside motor housing; and place handle on other end of grill. Once it’s positioned securely turn on the switch and watch your roast rotate perfectly on the grill. It’s that simple.

How to Cook with a Gas Grill Rotisserie

Don’t listen to naysayers who claim rotisseries dry out your meats. To date, I’ve cooked four masterpieces on this spit including Leg of lamb, Roast Beef, Pork Roast and a whole Chicken. Here is the secret: Get the meat started on a high heat – 500 degrees – for the first 10 minutes so until the outside is charred. Immediately lift the lid and turn off the middle burners completely. If you only have 3 burners, turn off the one closest to the middle. Turn the heat down as low as it will go and close the lid and let the roast continue cooking slowly. Check the inside of the meat regularly by turning off the electric switch to the gas grill rotisserie and checking the inside of your roast with an electric meat probe. Everything we’ve roasted on our rotisserie has turned out exceptionally well. I was most impressed with the whole chicken which my son raved was the juiciest most delicious he ever had.

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