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The Logitech M325 is about one third the price of the Microsoft 5000 Laser mouse I bought 4 years ago. What I used to think was the best wireless mouse is now in my trash can. As I zip around Windows 7 and surf the web with the sleek, comfortable, well-made and cheap, Logitech M325, it is obvious that you don’t always get what you pay for with user interface products such as mice and keyboards.  The Microsoft Laser 5000 mouse was still working when I trashed it, but the scroll wheel became mushy, difficult to use and the entire unit often failed to track my movement. The Laser 5000 required a long cord and receiver that takes up space on the desk. The M325 has only a tiny USB plug.  There is much to be said for simplicity that goes unnoticed. Plug in the M325 adapter and in seconds, you’re up and running.

Operation of the Logitech M325 Mouse

Having put up with the mushy feel of the Microsoft Laser 5000, the M325 feels amazing – the wheel is solid, precise inspiring great confidence as you use it. I found the default movement to be a little fast for my tastes, so went into the control panel and adjusted the speed down a couple of notches. The M325 glides across either my wood-grain desk or mouse pad with ease – never losing track of my movements. I never liked the silly side buttons on the Laser 5000 because I was constantly inadvertently pressing them and causing strange behavior to occur with my screen. The M325 can reverse and go forward through web pages simply by pushing the wheel to the left or right. Keep in mind, the Logitech M325 Mouse M325 is not a laser mouse, it is a 2.4GHz radio controlled, optical mouse. Technically, this means the M325 may not be as precise or accurate, but you would never notice the difference. What you will notice is more reliable, smoother overall operation. The M325 is small and fits just right in my hand. The unifying receiver by Logitech will allow you to connect up to 6 different input devices. Unfortunately, it will not worth with bluetooth devices like the new, Logitech K810 keyboard I just purchased that will not work on my bluetooth-less PC. Logitech claims the M325 mouse will operating up to 18 months on a single battery. What they don’t say is whether or not that means the mouse has to be turned off each time it is not being used. While, the M325 works right out of the box, there are some advantages to installing the latest version of Logitech’s Setpoint software from their website.

Logitech M325 Mouse

Software Features

If here is only one reason to install the Logitech Setpoint software is because it will let you know how much battery life you have left. Should the mouse ever stop operating as it should, you won’t be left wondering if it’s the battery or the optical sensor is dirty or some other problem is inhibiting its operation. The SetpPoint software allows you 11 different pointer-speed settings, 4 acceleration choices, pointer trails and a Smart Move setting which I found to be quite useful for accurately finding your way around the screen. The scroll button can be set for 1, 3, 5 lines or entire screen. All buttons are programmable. Logitech’s SetPoint software also has an entire game-configuration screen and an advanced settings mode for configuring application-specific button assignments.  While the Logitech mouse software is not necessary for smooth operation of the M325, it is worth taking the time and drive space to download and install on your system, especially if you want to use other devices which use the unifying receiver.

Logitech M325 Review Conclusions

Best Wireless Mouse for the Money

For its smooth operation, quality-feel, good looks and low price tag, the M325 deserves 5 stars. I give it only 4.5 because there is always room for improvement. Perhaps Logitech might incorporate a bluetooth radio in their unifying receivers of future input products. The Logitech M325 also gets high marks for appearance and variety. You can choose between multiple colors and patterns. It is a very attractive mouse that outperforms other products costing 2, 3 and 4-times more.

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