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Char Broil Electric GrillI bought this impressive looking Char Broil electric grill for Mom on Mother’s day this year. It turns out Dad will appreciate this mother’s day gift every bit as much if not more, without having to wait for Father’s day. The Patio Bistro is a well made machine ; runs on 100% electricity and has a large enough cooking surface to grill a meal for an entire, small family. My parents own a home with a small yard and patio and didn’t want to deal with the hassles of buying and replacing propane tanks. Electric grills have one major convenience: They are completely, 100% plug and play. There are not a tremendous amount of electric grills to choose from. After some research, the Char-Broil electric grill became my choice for a couple of reasons: First, it has rated high for cooking outdoors without drying out the meat. Second, but not least of the two buying reasons is the Char-Broil is one of the only electric grills you can actually find in your local stores. The rest of the electric grills I reviewed all had to be ordered online. I didn’t have time for that, so I chose the Char Broil Patio Bistro.

Char Broil Electric Grill verses Other Brands

Unlike other, cheaper electric grills, the Patio Bistro, Charbroil Electric Grill uses infra-red heating technology to prevent your food from drying out while cooking. The round surface of the Patio Bistro is thick and sturdy and very easy to distinguish from other, cheaper, outdoor electric grills and will accommodate 8 to 12 hamburgers, depending on how large you like to make your patties. There are a couple of other key features the Char Broil has over many of the other electric grills I previewed online: a Temperature Display and wheels for rolling it around just like a real, gas grill! Perhaps, the most important feature of them all is that the Electric Patio Bistro has 1720 watts of grilling power, which is 220 greater than any other product in this price range. The Patio Bistro will plug into any 120V wall outlet. Nothing is perfect, of the hundreds of users who rated this unit there were some complaints.

Char Broil Electric Grill Experience


One of the few complaints with Char Broil’s patio bistro is that it is difficult to assemble. When I opened up the box and saw that it had relatively few parts, it didn’t seem difficult at all, especially in comparison of a recent, dual-chamber Compost Bin I put together for my wife a  few weeks ago. The instructions and assembly are straight forward enough, but I did struggle a little bit with the limitation of two hands and trying to use the wrong bolts at the very beginning of the process (my own fault).  With the help of a second person and careful reading of instructions, the Patio Bistro is not all that difficult to assemble. I had it together in about 1 hour.

Operation and Performance

The instructions recommend preparing the unit by heating it up all the way for 20 minutes. This was a good way to test the performance of the Char Broil electric grill before bringing it over to my parents. We took it out on our back deck and turned the knob on all the way. I did have to verify on the instructions it was turned on to its highest setting. The direction and number placement of the heating knob seemed a little counter intuitive, but maybe that’s just me. At any rate, we tried this unit out fully at my Mom’s house for Mother’s Day dinner. We had a nice little dinner that included a mixture of polish kielbasa  blood sausage, German smoked sausage and brats.  With the electric grill turned up to about 450 degrees, we put put the blood sausage in a cast iron pan on top of the char broil grill. There was plenty of room left to layer the German sausage and brats around the pan. Everything was cooked perfectly and even. There was literally no burning or over compensation of one side of the grill to the next as you would get with most propane grills. The dinner came out perfect and that was in great part thanks to the Char Broil Patio Bistro Grill. Not much else to say. Highly recommended for anyone who needs an outdoor grill and doesn’t have time to hassle with propane or worrying about burning their food outside.

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