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Caza Trail CoffeeCaza Trail was the result of my latest quest to find a better cup of K-Cup coffee. It is great that the price of K-Cups have come down over the last 5 years, I have become bored with the selection of coffee that’s available. I am not sure if it is the design of the Keurig coffee maker or the actual K-Cups, but I find the taste of the coffee, overall, to be inconsistent. It doesn’t matter what brand I buy, sometimes the coffee just doesn’t come out the same. It often tastes more weak and watery than usual. Probably, the most consistently good brand and flavor I’ve tried is, Barista Prima Columbian. This is probably the best coffee there is for the Keurig, but who can afford to drink it every day? With Newman’s, Tully’s and Pacific Bold being sold in 80 and 100 pack cartons for $37.99 at Costco, it is hard to justify paying more than 50 cents per cup. Besides consistency, there is another problem with these 80 and 100-pack cartons of K-Cups coffee and this is why I decided to try Caza Trail:
In a nutshell, drinking the same coffee becomes boring after a while.  I would gladly pay a little more to try new and interesting brands. Caza Trail fit the bill perfectly when I spotted an 24-pack carton at Target for $11.99. Not the cheapest by any means, but it’s a good price for a small quantity.

Caza Trail Dark Roast Taste-Test

The Caza Trail was limited to a Dark Roast selection at my local target store. It is comparable to Newman’s and Tully’s. Good, not great, and pretty ordinary. It tastes fairly low-acid, which is good – and doesn’t leave any grounds or residue in your cup like some of the other cheap brands. I would buy it again, but only for convenience of not having to buy an 80-pack carton at Costco. Caza Trail also comes in Creamy Hazelnut, Donut Shop Blend and  Kona Blend. If you shop online, you can find Caza in 50-Pack boxes for around $20.00

Update: Caza Trail K-Cups are now hard to Find

I have not seen Caza Trail at my local Target store. It’s too bad more coffee brands are not sold in the 24-pack. It makes sense and the coffee is pretty good. From now on, I’ll be looking for the Caza Trail at other grocers. Hopefully, Caza Trail K-Cups coffee is now available in a medium or medium-dark roast. I will try it if I can find it.

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