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Costco K-CupsCostco has done it again – they’ve made an expensive habit affordable. Kirkland Pacific Bold comes in a box of 100 K-Cups and sells for just $38.00 at Costco. That’s only 38-cents a cup. When the Keurig brewers first appeared on the market, it was tough to find affordable K-Cups for them. Anything under 75 cents a cup seemed cheap back then. There is the really, really cheap French Roast, San Francisco brand that is only $25.00 for an 80-Pack, but the quality simply isn’t as good. The open-mesh, bottom creates a mucky, mess in the cup. 38 cents a cup for a coffee as good as the Newman’s or Starbucks would have to be considered a break-through.

Costco K-Cups Pacific Bold

pacific bold kcups coffee from costcoIf you like dark, bold coffee that is a little lighter and less ashy-tasting then European roasts, you’ll find the Kirkland Pacific Bold to your liking. In fact, I think I like this is as well or better than either the Starbucks Pike or Newman’s extra bold (My former two favorites).  Pacific Bold tastes strong, bold and has a smooth, roasted finish that doesn’t leave your mouth tasting like you swallowed an ash-tray. I definitely prefer this to the French and Italian Roasts by the San Francisco brands at Costco.  This is really good coffee – one of my favorites if not thee favorite. It takes time to make that judgment. The quality of the k-cups is as good as any of the other brands. The foil on top seems to be packaged well and doesn’t separate, break or clog the spout as some of the cheaper brands have done. The Costco k-cups aren’t perfect, though, there was a little residue left in the bottom of the cup. (not enough to spoil a good product). Kirkland is a very low-acid, well-roasted coffee similar to what I used to buy in the green bag, whole beans at Costco. I recommend Pacific Bold K-Cups from Costco.

Costco Kirkland K-Cups Rating

** 3. 5 Stars

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