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Knob Creek BourbonKnob Creek Bourbon single-batch is one of the better, mainstream bourbons I’ve ever tried. When the weather gets colder, I begin to enjoy sweeter, heavier whiskys like Bourbon.  Knob Creek makes a much more expensive, high-quality, single-barrel bourbon that I was anxious to try, but my liquor store didn’t carry it. I decided to give the regular, small-batch a try. There are a few notable characteristics of this particular whiskey.

Knob-Creek Whiskey Facts

  • Aged 9 Years
  • 100-Proof (50% Alcohol)
  • Hand Bottled in Limited Quantities
  • Made in the Heart of Kentucky
  • Frothy When Shaken

Based on those facts, you’d expect to pay a little more for Knob Creek and that is certainly the case. I paid $26.00 for a 750ML bottle which is more than double the price of my every-day, Ezra Brooks Bourbon in the 1.75 Liter. Oh well, it’s always worth trying something better just to have that benchmark comparison. And, with Knob Creek whiskey, there really is no comparison to Ezra Brooks – it is far superior in every respect.

Knob Creek Tasting Notes

  • Exceptionally Smooth
  • Strong, Kentucky Bourbon Flabor
  • Buttery, with Hints of Apple
  • Smells as good as it Tastes
  • Frothy, when Shaken

The Ezra Brooks is only 80-proof and the minute I switched from that to the Knob Creek, I could taste and feel the extra kick of alcohol. In fact, I think this whiskey tastes best if you tame it down a bit with a splash or two of water. A bourbon this good, however, should definitely not be mixed with anything other than water. So, how can you make a good mixed drink with anything but water? This gave me a couple of Knob Creek recipe ideas.

Knob Creek Recipes

Knob Creek Manhattan

Knob Creek ManhattanNothing but Knob Creek Bourbon and a couple splashes of water, shaken vigorously in a stainless steel shaker, then poured straight up in a martini glass. Serve with a cherry as garnish. Manhattans are one of my very favorite drinks. You certainly can’t make a knob-creek Manhattan better by adding the usual sweet vermouth to it, so don’t dare even try.  The Knob Creek whiskey makes a very smooth Manhattan – and tasty.

Knob Creek Old Fashioned Cocktail

Knob Creek Old Fashioned CocktailOnce again, purely Knob Creek Bourbon, a little water and shaken with ice. Sound familiar? This time, pour straight into an old-fashioned cocktail glass. Please forgive the Cutty Sark glass. Note, the appetizing frothy head at the top of the glass? Knob Creek has a rich, golden ale appearance. Old Fashioned cocktails are normally topped off with a splash of club soda which gives them that ‘frothy’ effect. No need for club soda, bitters, sugar, or anything else when you make an old-fashioned with Knob Creek whiskey. Always drink Knob creek neat.

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