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King of Joe Tassimo CoffeeTassimo T-Discs are hard to come by these days, so I was surprised to see the newly, available, King of Joe Tassimo Coffee brand at my local Target store. Gevalia, without doubt, is the prominent T-Disc brand being offered these days – and unless you buy the one advertised as, if-you-like-Starbucks-try-this, you’ll be very disappointed with their weak flavors. The one advertised as Starbucks really is very good, but their are only two; Dark House Blend and Dark Breakfast Blend. I have trouble distinguishing between the two and while the price is very good, they are often hard to find. Truth be told, the way Tassimo is going, I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be around. So, King of Joe coffee was a welcome surprise.  It was more expensive than the Gevalia 12-packs which are $7.49 at Target.  King of Joe Tassimo Coffee t-discs are $10.49 for a 16-pack, though, which is not too unreasonable. I decided to give King of Joe coffee a try.

I’ll be honest, when I first opened the box of 16 T-Discs of King of Joe Tassimo Coffee, I became very suspicious about how small the packaging was which usually means unusually weak coffee. Not so with, King of Joe – the aroma is very good and the coffee tastes only a tad weaker than the Starbucks simulation by Gevalia. The roast is dark, not so much that it has the charcoal burnt flavor of Italian and French Roasts. The other benefit to King of Joe is that the coffee comes out piping hot from the Tassimo Brewer. Obviously, the smaller sized T-Discs keep the water from cooling off as fast. I really like this coffee – mostly because it’s nice to know there is another brand available at the supermarket. King of Joe coffee keeps the Tassimo from growing obsolete.

April 2014 – Update on Tassimo T-Discs

The great buy on Gevalia (like Starbucks) T-Discs is no longer available. The price is a full $2.00 per box higher. At Bed Bath and Beyond, I was able to find a couple of other brands that were pretty good: Carte Noire and Timoth Horton. I think the Timothy Horton is my favorite and I will do a review on that one very soon.

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