Is the iPad 3 Better Than the iPad 2?

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Is the Ipad 3 Better than the iPad 2While looking at Apple products over at Best Buy last Sunday, a young lady asked the store rep, “is the iPad 3 Better than the iPad 2?”
I didn’t really understand the answer the young sales rep gave to her. He said that the iPad 3 was not really any better than the iPad 2. The only difference is that it is faster; has a better camera and displays higher resolution images and text. Am I missing something here? How is that not better? I have to come to the defense of this young man just a little bit. I think he was being kind. Perhaps, the lady only had $400 in her budget for the iPad 2 and the young man did not want to make her feel badly for not being able to afford the iPad 3. Somehow, I don’t think his words about the high res pictures, images, text and faster processor made her feel any better. I watched the demo on the iPad 2 and compared it to my iPad 3 and here was my impression:

iPad 3 versus the iPad 2

If you’re a visual person like me, the higher screen resolution on the iPad 3 is enough reason to pay $100 – $200 more over the discounted iPad 2. Get this – the iPad 3 screen resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels vs 1024 x 768 of the iPad 2. That’s double the resolution. But, the real difference is the way it looks on your eyes. I thought my iPad 2 looked pretty sweet until I saw the brilliant graphics and text on the iPad 3. There is a world of difference, and though you might not appreciate it without a side-by-side comparison, once you’ve seen it the iPad 3, it’ll be hard to go back to your old iPad 2. Not only is the resolution superb, but the graphics, images and apps pop up and react noticeably faster on the quad-core processor of the iPad 3. In a nutshell, though, the iPad 3 is better than the iPad 2 merely for the way it looks. The 5MP camera is a huge improvement on the iPad 3 and you can shoot video in 1080P as opposed to just 720P for the iPad 2. So, is the iPad 3 Worth it?

Is the iPad 3 Worth it?

I remember when I got my iPhone 4 and gave the old 3GS to my wife. I felt sorry for her – having to work with such an inferior screen resolution. The same difference exists between the new iPad 3 and the iPad 2. Once you see it, you’ll never ask which iPad is better again. The iPad 3 is most certainly a worthwhile upgrade. It looks like it’s time to give my wife the hand-me-down and upgrade to the beautiful, iPad 3.


  • Vastly improved Screen Resolution
  • Much faster, 4 – core processing


  • iPad 3 is more expensive by about 20%
  • iPad 3 battery, I’ve been told, doesn’t last as long

Don’t get too hung-up, though, on the specifications of iPad 2 vs iPad 3. You’ve gotta get the iPad 3 in your hands and use it and look at it before you fully appreciate why it blows away the iPad.

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