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HP Wireless Elite KeyboardI love my new computer keyboard. The HP Wireless Elite Keyboard is the best purchase I’ve made for my PC in many, many years. My previous Microsoft Keyboard was big, bulky and the keys felt clunky and sloppy. When you think about it – what really gets used on a computer these days? The screen, obviously; the mouse and … the keyboard. Why do so few people talk about the keyboard? If you are a fast typist – and are in no hurry to give up your PC for a Mac, there are a few reasons you’ll like the HP Elite.

Pros of the HP Wireless Elite Keyboard

  1. The keyboard is razor-thin and has that Mac-style look and feel.
  2. The keys are extremely solid to type on – and fast typists will appreciate them.
  3. The keyboard is … well, cheap. Not cheaply made, but low-cost.

Mac Style Keyboard for 1/3rd the Price

If you ever visited a Mac promotional display like at your Best Buy or Apple store, you probably loved the high-tech look of the aluminum, razor-thin keyboard. The HP Wireless Keyboard is not aluminum or quite as small, but it has the same, appealing flavor and techy, good lucks of a Mac-Style Keyboard.

HP Elite is a Great Typing Keyboard

If you’re a fast typist, you’ll love the feel of the keys on the HP Wireless Elite Keyboard. The keyboard is low profile enough that you can bang on the keys without having to worry about the keyboard sliding around. The keys are responsive, snappy, quiet and are comfortable to type on.

High-Quality $29.00 Keyboard

For a high-quality keyboard, you’d expect to pay at least $50, right? The HP Elits just $29.99 – and you may be able find it even cheaper than that if you do some online research.  The Mac keyboard is between $69.00 and $79.00 – it will work on your PC, but as an Apple keyboard, the keys are not quite compatible with Windows 7.

Mac Style Keyboard Additional Features

Don’t expect the HP Elite to give you all the same features you’d find on your Mac. The current revision of the Elite is V2 and it has most of the basics: Volume Control, VCR-Style control arrows, Web and Sleep Buttons. My one request would be an additional power button for turning the PC on or off, but that’s minor. Overall, the HP Wireless Elite Keyboard is a great substitute for a Mac Style Keyboard that won’t break the bank.

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