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Castelvetrano OlivesI thought I discovered magic when I first tasted Castelvetrano Olives. I doubt I even read the brand name when I bought them. I’m usually looking for large, tasty olives for martinis and avoid buying the expensive ones like the Mezzetta Olives which are usually on the top shelf as if they are king or something. Actually, there are more expensive brands than Mezzetta Olives, but that’s besides the point. They are usually more than I what I want to pay for martini olives.  The bright green color of the Castelvetrano olives caught my eye and the price at Walmart was unusually good for the Mezzetta brand, so I picked up a bottle.

What are Castelvetrano Olives?

Mezzetta is only a brand of Castelvetrano and the brand-name really has nothing to do with their origin. Having fallen in love with the flavor of these bright-green, colorful olives, I decided to find out what makes them so unique:  Castelvetrano olives are named after a town in a western valley of Sicily.  These olives belong to a cultivar named, “Noccellara del Belice.” More importantly, they come from a beautiful region which is very fitting of their name, colorful beauty and taste.

What’s to Like

These olives are almost buttery and sweet in taste. They are not overly pungent or strong and compliment just about anything you would want to eat. In fact, they are so smooth and delicious, that you cannot possibly stop after eating just 1, 2, 3 or even 4..You’ll eat them non-stop. I even drink some of the Mezzetta Olive juice which is also very smooth yet satisfying.

What’s not to Like

Mezzetta OlivesThe Mezzetta brand I bought has pits in them, so if you want to enjoy them in your martinis, you’ll need to find a place to spit-out the pits. The upshot is that they actually go great in martinis and if you like them dirty, these particular Mezzetta Olives will make the cleanest, dirty martini you ever tasted.

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