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safeway select coffee k-cups reviewWe Keurig owners love our coffee, but what we don’t like so much is the high price of k-cups. The huge, 80-Pack box of San Fransisco Bay, French Roast K-Cups at Costco for $26.00 is a great deal, but how many times am I going to want to drink French Roast Coffee? How about some variety, in the cheaper, k-cups brands? Safeway Select to the rescue. For $6.99 per box, Safeway Select offers two, new varieties: Costa Rica: medium-roast and Sumatra: dark roast. Concerned that the medium-roast, might be too light and acidic, I opted for the 12-pack of Sumatra. At $6.99 for a 12-pack, the cost is about 58 cents each. Not as cheap or as good a deal as the Newman’s 80-packs from Costco for $38.00 or .48 per cup – and certainly no where close to the outrageously cheap, 80-Pack of French Roast San Fransisco Bay for $26.00 or .33 cents per cup. Sumatra, if done right, is a pretty reasonable roast which is not as dark as the French Roast that I quickly grow tired of. I took home the Safeway Select K-Cups Coffee and decided to give it a try.

The cheap, Safeway-Select K-Cups look exactly like the cheap, San Fransisco Bay coffee. The bottom of the k-cup is a light-mesh filter with no plastic casing around it. I assume this is what accounts for the cheaper price. The one drawback to these cheaper k-cups which I did not allude to in my last review is that they do leave some coffee grounds residue in the bottom of your cup. The advantage, I believe to these k-cups, is that they make the coffee a little hotter. Is this just my imagination? Perhaps, the plastic in most k-cups slows down the brewing process and allows the coffee time to cool before it reaches your cup. At any rate, the residue is not much of an issue with me – it’s no worse than what you’d get from a French-Press or Percolator.

Safeway Select K-Cups Sumatra Brand Rating

The Sumatra is a little bit lighter tasting than the French Roast. It has a nice, smoky flavor and is a little bit earthy like you’d want from Sumatra. I think it tastes just about as good as Starbucks Verona or Starbucks Sumatra and it’s much cheaper. The Safeway Select coffee might have a little bit more of a bitter-bite to it, but the flavor is full, bold and superior to most store brands of coffee. I look forward to trying the Safeway Select K-Cups in the Costa Rica coffee next time I visit Safeway. If you’re looking for affordable, reasonable tasting coffee and you have a Keurig, you owe it to yourself to try Safeway Select K-Cups.


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