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cheapest k-cups
San Francisco Bay K-Cups

I’m literally amazed: The cheapest K-Cups also happen to be among the very best! San Fransisco Bay French Roast K-Cups coffee by the Royal Family Coffee company is absolutely delicious. I’m not a huge fan of French Roast coffee, but the San Fransisco Bay K-Cups make a very tasty dark, coffee roast – perfect for after-dinner. Actually, these k-cups are not so dark that I wouldn’t enjoy them at any time of the day. The flavor of the San Fransisco Bay French roast Keurig k-cups is dark, rich and smoky – and the beautiful part is that it is a very smooth tasting coffee with a very low-acid content. The roast is excellent. I would have never dreamed of trying a french roast, but at the high-cost of k-cups these days, I was enticed by the extremely low price. If you’re in luck with your regional Costco store, you can buy an 80-pack of the San Francisco Bay k-cups for $26.00. At 32.5 cents each, that is the cheapest k-cups I’ve ever tried. Alas, not all Costco stores carry the San Francisco Bay K-cups brand. As soon as I opened up the package, I discovered the reason these k-cups are so cheap:

Packaging Secret

san francisco k-cups packagingThe 80-pack box comes in packages in 10, sealed 8-cup bags. The actual San Francisco Bay K-Cups themselves are not completely enclosed in plastic like the rest of the k-cups you’ve tried. They have plastic and paper on top, but the entire bottom is nothing but a tightly-knit coffee filter. Don’t panic by the net filter – there was absolutely no grounds left in the bottom of my cup after downing my first one.  The only drawback is that the k-cups are packaged in 8-pack, bags. Once they are open, the coffee grounds inside the k-cups are exposed to air – which is made obvious by the delicious aroma once you crack the 8-pack. Simple Solution: Store them in a zip-locked bag. If buying the cheapest k-cups in the world means I have to use a .02 plastic bag to keep them fresh, so be it. That 2-cent, plastic bag can be used over and over again to store the k-cups each time I open a new 8-pack. The delicious, dark, low acid roast and cheap price make up about 2/3rds of the reason I like these cheapest k-cups on earth so much. There is another reason:

Hottest K-Cups Coffee

hotter k-cupsThe San Francisco Bay K-cups make the hottest cup of coffee I’ve ever had out of my Keurig. I’m no chemist, physicist or scientists, so I can’t tell you why. My thinking is that maybe the enclosed, open-air filter drains brews quicker, keeping the coffee much hotter by the time it reaches your cup. Whatever the reason, there is certainly no sacrifice in strength and flavor. The San Francisco Bay french roast is hot and strong from the first sip to the last sip – (depending on how fast you drink your coffee).

Cheap Keurig Coffee Final Verdict

I tried this coffee after dinner. As impressed as I am with San Francisco Bay for it’s cheapest price and rich, low-acid flavor, I cannot be certain that I will be drinking something this dark in the morning and afternoons when I usually enjoy my coffee. On the other hand, it’s nice to know, I can enjoy coffee this good and this hot for a little more than 32 cents per cup.

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