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Kenmore Side-by-Side RefrigeratorI absolutely love the new Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator I bought from Sears. Maybe I’m just so badly, mentally-scarred from my prior Kitchen-Aid refrigerator that I don’t fully recognize the difference between good and bad, but this new Kenmore exceeds my expectations in every way. Well, okay I do expect a freezer to keep frozen foods below 30 degrees or so – and I also expect eggs, cheese, lunch meats, etc., in the refrigerator side to be cold enough that they don’t grow mold and feel warm when I take them out of the drawers and shelves. The truth of the matter is – the Kenmore had every bad quality known to a poor refrigerator. We kept it for years after we bought the house that it came with because it looked so tall and majestic and fit flush with our counters. Our Kitchen-Aid was considered a cabinet-depth refrigerator and apparently rich people pay a premium for these. See how the new, Kenmore refrigerator protrudes a couple of inches out from the counter tops? Okay, it’s more like 6-inches, but who cares? It works and it works well. A good cabinet-depth refrigerator can cost $4,000 – $7,000. The advantage to these beasts is strictly cosmetic – a counter-depth refrigerator looks like it was commercially and custom manufactured to fit and match your kitchen carpentry. Our Kitchen Aid not only looked very expensive, but it acted like a very expensive refrigerator as well. We paid over $2,000 in repair bills to keep this monstrosity running over the 5-year period we moved into the house where it was inherited. I think I was brainwashed into thinking that we had to keep this monstrosity because it matched our kitchen. After so many thousand dollars of repair bills, common-sense finally prevailed and we let go of the Kitchen-Aid. I chose a middle-of-the-road Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator for a few reasons:

Kenmore Refrigerator Review

Side-By-Side Features

Kenmore Refrigerator Digital Temperature ControlFirst and foremost, this new refrigerator keeps foods cold and I know exactly how cold things are. Both the freezer and ice-box have a digital temperature on the outside of the door. Though the temperature can be adjusted, the default, recommended settings are 0-F for the Freezer side and 36-F for the Refrigerator side. How nice to be able to set it for exactly what you want. I adjusted the freezer a couple of degrees lower to keep the ice cubes a little drier. And speaking of ice-cubes, the ice maker in the Kenmore is the best I’ve ever had. I paid a couple-hundred more to get a freezer where the Ice Maker is built into the door which provides extra room in the freezer – and it is also the fastest and quietest ice-maker I’ve ever seen. Within a couple of hours, the Kenmore already began quietly dumping ice into the in-door ice-bin. How sweet is that? Now, how about the size? The Kitchen Aid was huge on the outside, but I always felt like I was looking for places to jam things. Counter-Depth refrigerators are not deep enough, no matter how tall they are. The Kenmore Side-By-Side seems to have infinitely more room. The shelves are nice and deep; very well-made and easy to take-out and replace. Cool-looking, well-placed, LED lights make it easy to find things on the inside of the Kenmore refrigerator side-by-side model. The digital display on the freezer door lets you switch from ice to crushed-ice or water with graphic icons. This took some getting used to as I accidentally sprayed water into my martini shaker a couple of times when I wanted ice. The good news is that the water comes out fast and strong – the bad news, is that you better make sure you really wanted water or you’ll dilute some expensive scotch, gin or vodka. Minor complaints aside, there is very little not to like about the Kenmore side-by-side. You’re probably wondering which model this is so you can get one for yourself.

Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker In Door

Kenmore Ice In DoorHaving the ice made inside the freezer door is a nice feature of the Kenmore side-by-side.

Kenmore Model 795

As good as this refrigerator is, you’d think Kenmore would be a little more proud of their products and publish the model number a little more prominently on the door, manual or box. The front of the manual suggests that I have a Kenmore 795.5103..Go to Sears or shop online at a Sears e-commerce site and look for the Kenmore 795. You won’t get cold feet – just cold food with your new Kenmore refrigerator

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