What is Couscous

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what-is-couscousMy wife lately has been buying this interesting rice alternative for meals called, Roasted Brown Rice Couscous. What is this strange alternative grain known as couscous and should I be eating it? The Couscous comes in a box that says Lundberg, Gluten-Free Mediterranean Roasted Brown Rice Couscous. I’ve really enjoyed eating this stuff, lately. The Couscous is nuttier, tastier and has a better texture than brown rice. I’m not a big fan of wheat products either, so it is great being able to enjoy this dish knowing its gluten-free. Those who suffer from Celiac disease will really appreciate the gluten-free couscous. It all sounds great, but what the heck is couscous, anyway?

What is Couscous?

The first couple of times I ate it, I assumed that couscous was some type of alternative grain like quinoa. I was surprised to finally see the wording on the box that describes couscous in Big-Bold Letters: Brown Roasted Rice. More specifically, couscous is crushed, brown roasted rice. The Lundberg Family Farms brand of couscous describes the couscous as being brown rice which is crushed into tiny granules than is fire roasted to give it a creamy and nutty flavor. Nothing could be more true – this stuff is light years better than just about any variety of rice I’ve ever had before. We have made the couscous with curry and stir-fry dishes and it goes great with them. Couscous will compliment just about any dish you decide to make with it. Due to it’s texture and nuttier flavor, the couscous tastes and feels much more substantial than regular ol’ boring, rice.

How to Make Couscous

Nothing could be simpler than making roasted brown couscous from Lundberg Family Farms. Bring two cups of water to boil; simply open the box and stir in the couscous. Reduce heat to lowest setting; cover and serve in about 15 minutes. The roasted brown rice couscous from Lundberg doesn’t need to be seasoned; it is already flavored with salt, onions and other spices. The seasoning is not overpowering, but just about right. I highly recommend giving Couscous a try.

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