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So Far Impressed with Snapper Lawn Mowers

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snapper lawn mowersI’m not one to get overly excited about masculine outdoor, lawn and garden equipment like mowers, so you know I must have been pretty impressed with Snapper lawn mowers to make the decision to review them. My current Snapper Lawn mower was bought used just a few weeks ago and is the only one I ever had. Previously to buying this product at an Arvada Lawn Mower sales and Repair shop, I knew very little about Snapper lawn mowers. While I don’t get excited about mechanical equipment, I do appreciate quality. I cannot stand buying cheap products made from flimsy plastic that either breaks or feels like its going to break when you use it.  This is not the case with the Snapper at all. This lawn mower is a beast and I could tell when the salesman and I picked it up and loaded it into the back of my RAV4 SUV. It felt about 3 times heavier than the last lawnmower I purchased from them a few years ago. At $150.00 used, this was more machine than I thought I needed for as a 2nd hand mower for my tiny backyard, but I’ve become increasingly more fond of Snapper Mowers as a brand every time I use it.

Snapper Lawn Mowers Pure Quality

Snapper Lawn Mowers are Expensive for a Reason

Snapper Lawn Mower Grass AttachmentI was looking for a cheap, used $100-$150 lawn mower at my local lawn mower shop.  I explained that I wanted something small and didn’t need any fancy features. Just a reliable, 2nd hand mower for my small back yard section of grass. The store owner promised that he would have one ready for me next week, but accidentally sold it to someone else just before I arrived. In his attempt to make amends for his error, he took this Snapper Lawn Mower with the $300 price tag on it and sold it to me for $150.00. I reluctantly agreed realizing by looking it over that it was a quality machine – way more than what I needed. Okay, it never hurts to have a 2nd quality lawn-mower and this particular one was heavier and better made than the new Lawnmower I purchased a few years earlier. I immediately became impressed with Snapper, the first time I used it. It had some features I have never had on a lawn mower before.

Snapper EMLP21601

The Snapper EMLP21601 which I inherited for $150.00 is a Rear bagging mulcher which can be converted to a side bagger. The EMLP21601 has a 3 speed, self-propelled transmission which works amazingly well and became surprisingly useful for me going up the steep slope of my small yard.  On the right side is a lever that controls the engine speed and on the left side is a lever that controls the wheel speed. If you lost your manual for snapper lawn mowers, find it right here: Snapper Manual to Mulch, simply remove the bag and the grass cover flap will serve as the plug. Speaking of the grass catcher, the mount for attaching and removing is extremely easy to use and convenient. One thing that really impressed me with this mower was how easy it was to adjust the height of the blade. Cheaper lawn mowers usually have four levers which are difficult to adjust and feel as they are going to break. With the Snapper, you have one lever and it adjusts with ease. Overall, there is nothing not to like about this lawn mower. It is heavy and well built. If you like quality machines, you will love Snapper lawn mowers.

Long Term Update: Snapper Review April, 2014

I’ve figured out why this lawn mower was used and returned to the store who sold it to me. There are several annoying problems with it. One, it’s too big, heavy and cumbersome. Two, the drive belt is always becoming undone. This requires I get a screw driver out to fix and re-position it. It’s a heavy load of junk. The truth is, the drive belt would not even be necessary if the thing wasn’t so darn heavy. I’d much rather have a light, new mower that works and is easy to maneuver. Unless you have a huge lawn and need the drive power, it isn’t necessary. I’d take a good look at the reviews on new snapper lawn mowers before you decide to buy one.

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