Maya Kaimal Butter Chicken

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Maya KaimalHoly smoke, this stuff is good! Maya Kaimal Butter Chicken is a frozen, pre-made Indian dish made from tender, boneless chicken cooked in a buttery tomato sauce with tasty and spicy Indian herbs and spices. While there are a few Indian dishes I like, I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the cuisine. However, I think I’ve tried enough of it to know what is authentic and what is not. Maya Kaimal tastes very authentic to me – and it’s different. I would definitely buy this dish again both for the convenience and for the taste.

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How to Serve Maya Kaimal Butter Chicken

The Maya Kaimal package says that their butter chicken dish serves six, but there are two things to keep in mind: If you’ve got a young family particularly with teenage boys, you’re going to need more than 1 Package of Maya Kaimal Butter Chicken. Two, you don’t get the rice to go with it – that’s what you’ll need to prepare on your own. White rice is easy and will go just fine with this dish. We did things a little differently and used Brown Rice Couscous which I will talk about in my next article. But for a quick dish that is tasty, different and easy to make, you could use white rice, noodles, couscous or whatever and you’ll still enjoy eating the Maya Kaima Butter Chicken. Where do get?

How does it Taste?

I’m not necessarily a big fan of convenient, ethnic, frozen foods, but sometimes they get it right. When my father-in-law recommended Vindaloo Chicken from Costco to my wife, we decided to look for it at our own Costco in Arvada, Colorado. Though we couldn’t find the Vindaloo, we found something that looked similar: Maya Kaimal Butter Chicken. We decided to take a chance on it – and I’m glad we did. The flavor and texture of the sauce is lively and different – like you would expect from Indian cuisine. The box says the Maya Kaimal is Medium-Spice and I’d say that’s about right. It’s certainly not as hot as your Mexican neighbor’s green chili, yet it’s quite a bit spicier than Grandma’s chicken and dumplings. There are lots of recipes from Maya Kaimal. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend trying any of them. The Butter Chicken was a success. Give all of the Maya Kaimal dishes a try – I believe you will like most of them.

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