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The Canon SX40 HS is a popular camera due to its huge, 35X Wide-Angle Zoom lens and HD 1080P Recording capability. But how good does it take pictures? Before I answer that question, let me say that I’m a huge fan of large optical zooms on digital cameras. I won’t even look at a camera today that has an optical zoom under 20X. I purchased my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1 about 3 years ago solely on the fact that it had a 12X Zoom which was one of the largest available at the time for the price range. I paid about $249.00 for it and you can see the review here: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1.

Photo o fGrey Hero with Panasonic ZFS1Pictured here is a close-up photo of a great blue heron taken from my deck of the neighbors pond. If you know anything about these fabulous birds, you cannot get anywhere close to them without scaring them off. A 12X Zoom lense made it possible for me to get such a close-up, detailed photo of this bird looking for fish. select this photo to get a closer view and you’ll see why you want nothing less than a 12X Optical zoom on your next camera. But then, what good is a 12X Zoom if you’re picture quality is less than perfect? The reason I’m considering the SX40 to replace my next camera is not just for the 35X Zoom capability.

Enticing Reasons to Buy the Canon SX40

In addition to the 35X Zoom, the SX40 features 1080P recording capability. What I find extremely enticing about this is the ability to use that 1080P video recording with the 35X Zoom. To see this in action, simply take a look at the reviews below. I’m amazed at what you can do. Look at the close up video action of an amusement ride at a distant so far away that it looks like a dot to the naked eye. The Canon SX40 also has image stabilization which is important with such a large zoom. The videos and picture quality in the reviews look pretty solid.

Drawbacks of the Canon SX40

So what’s not to like about theSX40? The big drawback on all these point and shoot cameras is the indoor picture quality and the SX40 is not much different. The SX40 has a decent, but not great flash. Most of the indoor pictures are nothing close to the outdoor ones as far as quality. I’d like it to have more than 12.1 Megapixels and unfortunately, the 1080P Video Recording is 24 FPS which is a bit slow. There were also some complaints among SX40 users that the microphone picks up too much feedback noise during recording. Few – and I do mean very few users regretted purchasing this camera despite the few, complaints and areas where it lacks fulfilling their complete wish-list in an affordable point-and-shoot camera.

Canon SX40 Review Conlusion

While not the perfect camera for professionals or photography snobs, the SX40¬†offers more value for the money due to its 35X zoom lens. The picture quality for outdoor shots ranges from 4 to 4.5 stars by users and 3.5 to 4 stars among professional reviewers. When you consider that there are cameras that cost 5 times as much which don’t rate any better among users or reviewers, the Canon SX40 is under-rated in my opinion. There are enough amazing close-up pictures to draw your own conclusions bout this Canon SX40 Review before deciding to buy one for yourself-even if it’s in addition to a much more expensive camera without the large 35X Optical zoom.

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