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I love the convenience of liquid car wax. Turtle Wax Ice wipes on creamy and smooth; dries to a dull haze then wipes off to a brilliant, shine.  Having completed a review of the best car waxes last year, I preferred the Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell over Mothers because it seemed to provider a thicker, hard shell just as the name implies. Of course, the other reason I loved the original Turtle Wax is for the dirt-cheap price. Because Turtle Wax Ice is nearly twice as expensive as the Super Hard Shell product, it better bet twice as good. The makers of Ice proclaim that it is easy to wipe on yet provides a shine and protection that will last for many, many months.  That’s a pretty bold claim, isn’t it? The difficulty in reviewing car wax is that not all cars are the same. The color, tint and shade of each car makes a difference. It is also true that different car metals behave differently with different types of wax.

Turtle Wax Ice in Action

turtle wax super hard shellI’m pretty comfortable agreeing with Turtle Wax on the first part of their claim. The Ice T-468 Liquid Car Polish is a breeze to apply to the car and even after drying in a fairly hot garage that day, it came off very shiny and smooth without taking much, if any muscle, to get off the extra wax residue. This is not true with the Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell. Even though it’s a liquid, the Super Hard Shell took some enormous work to get the residue off the hood of my silver, BMW 540i.. The extra elbow grease and effort is well worth it, however because it provides a long last shine. See picture which was taken while washing the car a week after applying the Super Hard Shell Turtle Wax. It remains to be seen how well the Turtle Wax Ice T-468 holds up compared to the Super Hard Shell. But what to other users of Ice say about this premium wax?

Ratings by Users

Over 74 users rated Ice by Turtle Wax an average of 4 stars. Many of them complained that the shine didn’t last as long or the coat did not seem as thick as other traditional, cheaper waxes like Super Hard Shell which is half the price. Those who did a more thorough Turtle Wax Ice Review, seemed to be pickier about what they’re looking for in a car wax and went into great detail about what’s to like and not like about Turtle Wax Ice.

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