How to Make Green Beans

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how to make green beansMy green bean pasta dish was so successful that I just couldn’t let it go. In fact, I’ve become a little bit fascinated with how great green beans can taste when they are prepared in the same manner for a variety of different dishes. Tonight, I made something else with the very same, Kroger-Brand, frozen green beans. They came out so good, I had to write another short article explaining what I did. So here is How to Make Green Beans, Part II:

How to Make Green Beans with Steak and Rice

My wife and I picked up some short-ribs, cuts of steak at Costco on Saturday. The short-ribs were the cheapest cut of red meat you can buy at Costco, but that’s besides the point. There was plenty of meat – more than the two of us could eat. We grilled half of it and with the rest; we sliced up in bite sized pieces, seasoned with onion and garlic powder; doused it with my favorite brand, Horsetooth O-Face Habanero Sauce and stored it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for the next two nights. For Monday’s dinner, I took the meat out of the refrigerator. I heated up a pan of olive oil (just like with the green bean pasta dish) and on a separate burner, prepared some plain, white rice. I sliced up two small onions and mixed it in with the bag of meat along with some soy sauce for stir frying. I placed the meat and onions in the hot pan and started browning the sides. As soon as the short-rib beef and onions looked brown on all sides, I added in about 2 cups of frozen green beans and repeated the same ritual of blackening them with the shaker of black pepper. I turned the burner way down and let it simmer while the rice finished cooking.

How to Serve Green Beans with Steak and Rice

The last part to making green beans is the fun part. Add a couple of scoops of rice to a deep plate; then add the meat, onions and sauce from the pan. It’s that simple. This particular dish was extremely spicy; not only from the black pepper, but from the habanero sauce I added to the meat. Again, I just love the fact that the greens, starches and meats are all together. No worries about making a salad or another side course. Everything including the rice, meat and vegetables taste delicious. The greens are firm on the outside, yet juicy on the inside. Both the meat and onions add a delicious caramelized flavor to them.
Now, this is how to make green beans.

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